About this mod

Nordic player house in Southern Falkreath Hold with full crafting facilities and a vampiric follower/merchant/master destruction trainer.

Permissions and credits
Runaheim - Nordic Player House with Vampire Follower

I created this house for my own vampire character since I couldn't find any good Nordic player houses on the site.  If you're looking for something a bit posher, try my other house Monahven Lodge.

It comes with 10 mannequins, lots of weapon racks, all crafting facilities, a small herb garden, a library, a normal bedroom and a vampire bedroom.  The decor is fairly minimalist since I like to add my own collectables as I play.  The existing clutter is set to not respawn so if you happen to be away from the house for a while it won't come back and displace anything you've placed.  Unlike a couple of other player houses I've tried, the Dragon Priest busts will not randomly lose masks you place on them.

Fully Navmeshed inside and out.  ESP cleaned.

There's also a basic voice follower who levels up with the player.  Female Even-toned.  She gets progressively more powerful spells until level 58 when she has thunderbolt, icy spear and a high level vampiric drain.  She also has the light foot perk so won't set off traps.  Level cap 80.  She doesn't raise the dead or summon anything so no ash piles all over the place.

She is a spell merchant who will buy anything and a master level trainer in destruction.  She is also marriageable.

The vampiric elements are kept fairly low key, so no reason a non-vampire character could not use the house... provided they don't mind living with a vampire obviously.

Requirements:  Dawnguard and Apachii Sky Hair.

Location:  Just off the road Halfway between Bloodlet Throne and Southfringe Sanctum.

I've not encountered any load order issues.  LOOT puts it somewhere in the middle of my 65 mod list which seems to work fine.  Obviously any mod which places something in the same spot in Tamriel will conflict.

Any problems, let me know.