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Added: 04/04/2015 - 07:40PM
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Autosaves the game in configurable time intervals, but not during conditions that may lead to crashes or annoying pauses. It also provides the functionality of expedited autosaves which combine the convenience of quicksaves with the autosave slot rotation/timer system. As MegaJohnny said: “it likes to sneak in an autosave when I stop to check my inventory or look at the scenery which really minimises the impact”.

SafeAutoSave is extremely light on resources and it doesn’t focus too much on when to save, but when not to save, specifically:

  • It won’t save when it’s risky or annoying, eg. during cell transitions, while being hit, casting a spell, swinging a weapon, drawing a bow/crossbow, blocking, jumping etc.
  • It avoids saving during combat or while moving in high speed. It’s generally unsafe to save in such cases, but these conditions relax over time because at some point “generally unsafe” becomes more safe than not saving at all.
  • It defers saving during situations that wouldn’t or shouldn’t allow it. Such cases include dialogue, crafting, tfc photography and animations such as cutting firewood or using furniture. The advantage of detecting such situations is that the save will be performed once they are finished instead of the next interval.
  • It enforces user configured autosave deactivation to all scripted autosaves, except for its own. This allows for a clean save list and solves problems with some scripted autosaves such as when entering Apocrypha in Dragonborn.

Installation & Configuration

You need SKSE and optionally SkyUI. Load order doesn’t matter and it’s compatible with everything, including Enderal. You can safely install it mid-game or upgrade from an old version, and you can safely uninstall it by removing it from your load order.

Play a while using the default Minimum interval until you decide what value is best for you. It really depends on your playing style, eg. if you’re constantly running around it would be best to set it to a lower value. In my game, the default minimum value of 6 minutes results to an average of 12 minutes per autosave. Setting this slider to 0 will stop automatic saving.

The Expedite Autosave function allows you to immediately issue an autosave and restart the timer by pressing Num +. This combines the convenience of quicksaves with the rotating slot scheduler of autosaves. You can even switch off automatic saves by setting the Minimum interval to 0 and only rely on this function for rotating quick saves. The key can be remapped, but not to a conflicting function (such as Esc) -- doing so will effectively disable this option.

The Named autosave files option is useful if you’re playing with different characters. By suffixing the filenames of your autosaves with your character’s name, it prevents them from overwriting autosaves from your other characters. They will still appear like normal autosaves in your list though and they will obey your Autosave count setting on a per-character basis. This will even create backup files which you can find at your save folder.