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Adds over 100 new items to cooking using alchemy ingredients.

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Alchemical Cooking Recipes is meant to give characters who do not utilize alchemy a greater reason to harvest alchemical ingredients and a provide a fair supplement to those that do. Every ingredient was given a purpose and is used as a direct or indirect cooking ingredient for new foods and drinks. Generally, the type and strength of the magic effects provided by the new items were determined by the original effects associated with one or more alchemy ingredients used, the availability of the ingredients, and how complex the recipe was. However, some items have custom effects that provide unique benefits when consumed.

IMPORTANT: This mod is not intended to have cooking replace alchemy. The buffs are intended to be small and long term since most of the the effects use their own keyword table and will stack with effects from potions and enchantments. While there are a multitude of overhauls for Skyrim's game play, this mod was built around vanilla and may not be balanced for your personal play style.


There are a total of 102 new recipes added to the cooking menu. Some of the new recipes along with their effects can been seen under the Images tab. The following is a list of the recipes and their components:

  • Powdered Bear Claw: requires Bear Claws x2
  • Powdered Hawk Beak x2: requires Hawk Beak 
  • Powdered Hagraven Claw x2: requires Hagraven claw 
  • Powdered Sabre Cat Tooth: requires Sabre Cat Tooth x2
  • Antler Cuttings: requires Small Antlers x2
  • Antler Cuttings: requires Large Antlers
  • Pearl Dust: requires Small Pearl
  • Pearl Dust x2: requires Pearl
  • Feather Meal x2: requires Hawk Feather
  • Phial of Honey x5: requires Honeycomb
  • Phial of Honey x5: requires Honey
  • Ground Slaugherfish Scales: requires Slaughterfish Scales x2
  • Crushed Butterfly Wings: requires Blue Butterfly Wing, Butterfly Wing
  • Nightshade Extract:  requires Nightshade x4
  • Canis Root Extract: requires Canis Root x4
  • Milk of Nirnroot: requires Nirnroot x2
  • Wildflower Nectar x3: requires Red Mountain Flower, Blue Mountain Flower, Purple Mountain Flower, Lavender
  • Wispmother Essence x2: requires Wisp Wrappings
  • Congealed Daedra Blood x2: requires Daedra Heart
  • Congealed Human Blood x2: requires Human Heart
  • Distilled Resin x3: requires Beehive Husk

  • Skooma: requires Moonsugar x2
  • Honey: requires Honeycomb
  • Bread: requires Wheat x3
  • Roasted Abecean Longfin: requires Abecean Longfin
  • Braised River Betty: requires River Betty
  • Blackened Cyrodilic Spadetail: requires Cyrodilic Spadetail
  • Seared Silverside Perch: requires Silverside Perch
  • Grilled Hiscarp: requires Histcarp
  • Steamed Mudcrab Claw: requires Mudcrab Chitin
  • Root Medley: requires Potato, Gourd, Creep Cluster x2, Canis Root Extract
  • Honey Bread: requires Wheat x3, Phial of Honey
  • Hunter's Stew: requires Skeever Tail, Antler Cuttings, Feather Meal, Potato, Tomato
  • Egg White Dish: requires Chicken Egg, Pine Thrush Egg, Rock Warbler Egg
  • Pheasant Dumpling: requires Pheasant Breast, Bleeding Heart, Lavender, Wheat x3
  • Chicken Stuffed Gourd: requires Chicken Breast, Gourd, Carrot, Leek, Scaly Mushroom, White Cap
  • Trapper's Gumbo: requires Pheasant Breast, Rabbit Meat, Carrot, Potato, Feather Meal
  • Herb Baked Horker: requires Horker Meat, Grass Pod, Blue Mountain Flower, Elves Ear
  • Chicken Hawk Soup: requires Chicken Breast, Powdered Hawk Beak, Canis Root Extract, Garlic, Potato
  • Skeever Jerky: requires Charred Skeever Hide, Salt x2
  • Eastmarch Apple Cobbler: requires Red Apple x2, Dragon Tongue x2, Wheat x4
  • Bug Soup: requires Blue Dartwing, Orange Dartwing x2, Torchbug Thorax, Bee, Crushed Butterfly Wings
  • Lunar Jelly: requires Luna Moth Wing x2, Moonsugar, Distilled Resin
  • Marshland Soup: requires Fungalpod x2, Giant Lichen x2
  • Roasted Mushrooms: requires Mora Tapinella, Scaly Pholiota
  • Creamy Mushroom Soup: requires Whitecap x2, Fly Amanita x2, Imp Stool x2
  • Seasoned Vegetable Soup: requires Vegetable Soup, Blue Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower
  • Nordic Clam Chowder: requires Clam Meat x2, Slaughterfish Egg, Nordic Barnacal, Ground Slaugherfish Scales
  • Spriggan Syrup: requires Spriggan Sap, Moon Sugar, Distilled Resin
  • Spicy Venison Stew: requires Venison Stew, Fire Salts
  • Cavedweller Pudding: requires Glowing Mushroom x3, Charus Eggs x3
  • Chilled Egg Custard: requires Chicken Egg x2, Frost Salt x2, Frost Mirriam
  • Giant's Fondue: requires Mammoth Cheese Bowl x2, Biting Ale, Powdered Mammoth Tusk
  • Scorched Goat Leg: requires Leg of Goat, Dwarven Oil
  • Hunter's Goulash: requires Venison, Potato x2, Antler Shavings x2
  • Hunter's Mighty Goulash: requires Hunter's Goulash, Eye of Sabre Cat x2, Powdered Sabre Cat Tooth, Powdered Bear Claw
  • Sweet Glazed Rabbit: requires Rabbit Meat, Phial of Honey, Distilled Resin
  • Witches Slop: requires Powdered Hagravan Claw, Hagraven Feathers, Namira's Rot, Blisterwort
  • Witches Vile Slop: requires Witches Slop, Deathbell x2, Nightshade Extract, Ectoplasm
  • Spicy Skeever Jerky: requires Charred Skeever Hide, Fire Salts x2
  • Repugnant Gruel: requires Troll Fat, Falmer Ear x2, Giant Toe, Spider Egg
  • Bloodmoon Pie x5: requires Human Flesh, Luna Moth Wing x2, Congealed Human Blood, Bone Meal x2
  • Spectral Bonemeal Paste: requires Ectoplasm, Distilled Resin, Bone meal x5
  • Fried Chicken Egg: requires Chicken Egg
  • Fried Pine Thrush Egg: requires Pine Thrush Egg
  • Fried Rock Warbler Egg: requires Rock Warbler Egg
  • Spice Bag: Elves Ear x2, Crimson Nirnroot, Crushed Butterfly Wings x2

  • Bitter Steppe Tea: requires Thistle x2, Tundra Cotton x2
  • Biting Ale: requires Canis Root Extract, Ale
  • Night Stalker's Drink: requires Hanging Moss, Nightshade Extract, Sabre Cat Eye
  • Night Hunter's Drink: requires Night Stalker's Drink, Glow Dust x2
  • Mixed Berry Juice: requires Snowberry x2, Juniper Berry x2, Jazybay Grapes x2
  • Druadach Tea: requires Briar Heart, Juniper Berry x2
  • Nirn Firewater: requires Taproot, Milk of Nirnroot, Crushed Butterfly Wings
  • "Improved" Black-Briar Reserve: requires Black-Briar Reserve, Vampire Dust
  • Iced Wildflower Nectar: requires Ice Wraith Teeth, Wildflower Nectar
  • Valenwood Brew x5: requires Horse Meat, Raw Beef, Human Flesh
  • Oblivion Liquor: requires Void Salts, Congealed Daedra Blood, Spiced Wine
  • Mage's Warding Brew: requires Wispmother Essence, Glow Dust, "Improved" Black-Briar Reserve
  • Pearl Tea: requires Pearl Dust, Wildflower Nectar, Phial of Honey
  • Dovah's Fury: requires Pearl Tea, Dragon Scales
  • Pirate's Rotgut: Skooma, Ground Slaughterfish scales
  • Brawler's Mead: Nord Mead, Powdered Bear Claws
  • Brawler's Red Mead: requires Brawler's Mead, Congealed Human Blood
  • Dovah Tea: requires Dragon Scales, Dragon Tongue x3

  • Feather Meal x2: requires Felsaad Tern Feathers
  • Bone Broth: requires Boar Tusk, Horker Tusk, Salt x2
  • Dragon's Bone Broth: requires Bone Broth, Dragon Bone
  • Acrid Dog Ribs: requires Dog Meat, Soul Husk, Congealed Human Blood
  • Northern Salmon Chowder: requires Salmon Meat, Salmon Roe x3, Feather Meal x3, Leek
  • Sweet Netch Jam: requires Netch Jelly, Green Apple x2
  • Sweet Ash Hopper Jam: requires Ash Hopper Jelly, Red Apple x2
  • Potent Spice Bag: requires Spice Bag, Ancestor Moth Wing x2
  • Arch-Mage's Warding Brew: requires Mage's Warding Brew, Gleamblossom x2
  • Flower Water: requires Wildflower Nectar, Yellow Mountain Flower, Crushed Butterfly Wings x2
  • Smoked Boar: requires Boar Meat, Burnt Spriggan Wood, Salt
  • Charred Ash Hopper: requires Ash Hopper Meat, Burnt Spriggan Wood, Dwarven Oil
  • Seasoned Ash Hopper Leg: requires Ash Hopper Leg, Ashen Grass Pod, Garlic
  • Fried Hawk Egg: requires Hawk Egg
  • Ashen Root Medley: requires Ash Yam, Trama Root, Ash Creep Cluster x2, Spawn Ash
  • Noxious Mixture: requires Emperor Parasol Moss, Scathecraw x2, Chaurus Hunter Antenna
  • Corrosive Mixture: requires Noxious Mixture, Poisonbloom 


You will need to visit the Alchemist's Shack on the edge of the Rift. You will find a nearby campfire and cooking pot with an alchemical cookbook resting on a stump. Reading this book will offer you the option to memorize the new cooking recipes and add them to your cooking menu. If at any point you wish to remove the recipes from the menu, you will need to return to the shack and read the book again to forget everything you learned.

The cookbook also offers the ability to activate a Smart Menu feature so that items will only appear in your cooking menu when you have a notable ingredient for a recipe in your inventory. Cooking ingredients added by ACR will always appear in the menu even if the Smart Menu feature is active due to some recipes relying on them to be in your inventory to appear.

***Alternatively, you can enter via console 'set ACRGlobalRecipeToggle to 1' to add all the items to the cooking menu or 'set ACRGlobalRecipeToggle to 0' to remove them. Entering 'set ACRGlobalSmartMenuToggle to 1' will activate the Smart Menu feature and ''set ACRGlobalSmartMenuToggle to 0' will deactivate it.

[size= 5]COMPATIBILITY[/size]

Mods that add new cooking recipes, change any textures, or alter meshes should be fully compatible. There may be clipping of the cooking area near the Alchemist's Shack if you have any mod that alters a significant portion of that worldspace.

iNeed - Food Water and Sleep by isoku
Note: You will need version 1.5 or higher. When you eat or drink an item for the first time, iNeed will prompt you to categorize the item as food, drink, etc. so that it counts towards your hunger and thirst.

Realistic Needs and Diseases by perseid9

[size= 5]INSTALLATION[/size]

Download and activate using your mod manager to install.

[size= 5]UNINSTALLATION[/size]

Deactivate and uninstall through your mod manager.

[size= 5]ANYTHING ELSE?[/size]

Unofficial Dawnguard Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team - Fixes the poisonbloom respawn bug.
Cooking for Alchemy by acdcdave1387 - Allows you to increase your Alchemy Skill when cooking.
Grind Stuff by Axhoff - Adds additional cooking recipes for alchemy ingredients.

Changelog can be found under the ReadMe tab.

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Thanks for your support!

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