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Added: 04/04/2015 - 12:50PM
Updated: 29/05/2015 - 11:00AM

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Last updated at 11:00, 29 May 2015 Uploaded at 12:50, 4 Apr 2015

DF_XYZ's Overhaul for Imp's More Complex Needs
Requires all DLCs, Imp's More Complex Needs and all Unofficial Patches (USKP at least).
Warning: Many tweaks won't work if only rebuild the IMCN lists. You need to start a new game, or disable IMCN, make a clean save, then enable IMCN and this patch.

To put it simply, this patch:
  • Fixes the missing food problems and covers more item;
  • Reduces the calories ingested from ethanol;
  • Tweaks the food weight, recipe, nutrition stats, price and other details;
  • Tweaks the well and water bases reference objects;
  • Applies the tweaks which come from DLCs, USKP, UHFP and UDBP;
  • Merges all IMCN DLC patches into one file.

At first I just wanted a patch to fix the missing food problem. However, all existing patches leave the Eidar Cheese Wheel behind.
So I decided to do it myself and found a lot of things unreasonable in IMCN.
There's somethings I could add, somthings need be tweaked and somethings could be dropped.
Finally, this patch becomes a overhaul.

Here comes the details:

Fixes the missing food problems
It includes: (Skyrim) Eidar Cheese Wheel, Sliced Goat Cheese, (Dawnguard) Redwater Skooma, (Hearthfire) Mudcrab Legs, Potato Soup, Salmon Steak, (Dragonborn) Cabbage Soup, Sadri's Sujamma.
Most problems were caused by the wrong "__food" property in their corresponding "Food Variant" records. So they can be fixed without touching the nutrition stats.
For Potato Soup and Cabbage Soup, I made two "Food Recipe" records to calculate the nutrition stats using the ones of potato and cabbage.

Covers more food and ingredient
Besides the missing food fix, I made IMCN covers more food and ingredients.
Talen-Jei's Velvet LeChance / White-Gold Tower / Cliff Racer are drinkable now. I made up the nutrition stats with the linear weighted sum of the ingredients that Talen-Jei mentioned. USKP's Meat Pie is edible now and that means this patch does depend on USKP.
I added three kinds of Boiled Egg into the game with corresponding recipe. Newly covered ingredients are Garlic and Jazbay Grapes.
I also covered some rare items like Balmora Blue and Cyrodilic Brandy. However, items like Kordir's Skooma which cannot be obtained without console are excluded. I intended to cover all the favor-quest food as well, but the quest itself makes them become infinite, so I just made some other tweaks.

Reduces the calories ingested from ethanol
In original IMCN player can simply get all 7 calories from 1g of ethanol.
In fact, the catabolism may not be completed. And the theoretical interval is between 1.12kcal/g to 6.88kcal/g.
In version 1.0, I just simply neglected them. Now in version 1.01 player can ingest 1 calorie from 1g of ethanol.
You can now actually be a lot warmer and happier with a belly full of mead!

Weight, recipe and nutrition stats tweaks
IMCN has already made some food weight tweaks by certain standard. However, it doesn't cover the DLC items and some weight values are really unreasonable when compared to the their model size. Some food recipes are ridiculous too, if you judge them by model sizes.
So I decided to remake those tweaks according to the model size and try to stay in "IMCN standard" at the same time.
Colovian Brandy comes with the same bottle of Alto Wine's, so its net volume should be 750ml, just like Alto Wine.
Horker Loaf is about the half size of Horker Meat, so the recipe should be tweaked in this way, and its nutrition stats needs to be changed, too.
It has a chain effect, really. To keep things in consistency, some nutrition stats tweaks will come after a weight tweak, and then more others should follow, too. This process keeps going till it covers all the food.
Since IMCN's food spoiling function doesn't work, I removed the dried food recipes.
UDBP has a recipe fix for Cooked Boar Meat, so I didn't include the duplicated one from IMCN's Dragonborn patch.
Inspired by RN&D, I made Elves Ear work as tea leaves and removed IMCN's coffee beans and tea leaves to keep lore-friendly.

Price tweaks
Many food prices in Skyrim are illogical. Some food come with different sizes are sold at the same price and some prices are just too high or too low.
I set some reasonable prices for food which plays the role as ingredient (like flour, butter, vegetables and raw meat), then started to calculate the prices of the rest based on the corresponding recipes. As a result, the food prices are slightly higher than before and match their size and weight. Food comes with a recipevalues more than all its ingredients.

Other detail tweaks
All items which should be considered as food are moved to food category, and their special effects are removed. (Skoomas still count as potion)
All skoomas have a visual effect and a slow effect now. And the magnitude of slow effect matches the quantity of moon sugar.
Some food's appeal values are changed to be more balanced.
All kinds of empty wine bottles can be used to refill water. Refilling gets the water with the bottle you used. Drinking wine gets back the exact bottle.
Water's appeal value is fixed at 6 now so it won't be too high and make alcohol meaningless.

Well and water bases reference objects tweaks
Added and removed some reference objects.
So now you cannot drink from the "well" in the middle of Castle Dour courtyard, however, all wells in fort should work now.
Reduced the distance for player to detect water, so it feels more immersive to acquire water from wells.
At least you can find more places in the Whiterun Hold available to collect water because I just added some new reference objects found near Whiterun.

Applies the tweaks from DLCs, USKP, UHFP and UDBP

Those tweaks involving some vendor keywords and alternate textures and neglected in IMCN. I reapplied them.