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You ever just chow down on shrooms and realize you don't get high? Well we bring you IMMERSIVE SHROOMS!

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I was gonna stop some dagrons
But then I got high
I could of Fus Roh Dah's 
And I coulda won
But I was high
Now the worlds on fire
And I know why
Why man
Because I got high
Because I got high
Becuase I got high

Immersive shrooms gets you F'd up, you'll be banging ugly chicks in no time
All the fighting got ya down?
Just grab some shrooms and leave your worries behind mon!

This mod is dragon approved!

Eat any shrooms and get wasted!
Be wary of eating too many though.
Effects are only temporary, so you gotta find more shrooms to chase the high!

1 Esp, 1 script, extract to Data folder or install with NMM or MO

You can't you'll be addicted