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This is an overhaul of my older mod by the same name.
This mod will allow you to run when over encumbered, but will drain your stamina and reduce your speed, among other things, based on how much you are carrying over your limit. Customizable with the MCM.

Permissions and credits
After learning a bit more about modding and scripting, I decided my mod More Natural Encumbranced needed an overhaul. The old one is still up if you want to use it, but I recommend this one as it’s way more dynamic.

What this mod does
This mod will allow you to run when you become over encumbered, but will drain your stamina and reduce your speed, among other things, based on the amount you’re carrying over your limit, and the ratio you set in the MCM. The lower the ratio, the less that stat will be affected. I’ve also added an Exhaustion feature, which will reduce your speed if your stamina drains too much, also customizable.


Stamina Drain                   Default ratio is 0.20 to 1, or 1 to 5. Drains your stamina while you’re running.
Note: you can sprint while over encumbered but this will drain your stamina A LOT, by a ratio of 3 to 1.
This setting can’t be altered.

Speed Reduction               Default ratio is 0.5 to 1, or 1 to 2.
Weapon Speed Reduction  Default ratio is 0.2 to 1, or 1 to 5.
Jump Height Reduction     Default ratio is 0.5 to 1, or 1 to 2.

So, in short, if you're only carrying a little over your limit, your stats will barely be reduced. The more weight you add over your limit, the more your stats will be reduced.

For Example:
On the default settings if you are only carrying 10 over your carry weight limit.
* Your stamina will drain by 2 per second 
* Your speed will be reduced by 5%
* Your weapon speed will be reduced by 2% 
* Your jump height will be reduced by 5%. 

If you are carrying 100 over your carry weight limit.
* Your stamina will drain by 20 per second 
* Your speed will be reduced by 50% (which is a little faster than the default walk speed, but not by much) 
* Your weapon speed will be reduced by 20% 
* Your jump height will be reduced by 50%. 

If you are carrying too much you won’t be able to move at all! So on default, if you are carrying 200 over your carry weight limit, you will be stuck in one place, and won’t be able to jump either.

Exhaustion Settings  
You can choose when exhaustion takes effect, and by how much in the MCM. Default is if your stamina gets below 35% your speed will be reduced by 75%. You can enable or disable this feature all together, or restrict it so it only takes effect if you’re over encumbered. Default is that it is restricted.

Recommended Settings:  To keep things balanced, If your stamina drain ratio is high, make your speed reduction ratio low, and vice versa. I also like to set the speed reduction ratio and the jump height ratio to the same value. 

If you set a ratio to 0, that stat won’t be affected at all. Does this mean you can use this mod to cheat? Yes it does, but you could also just raise your carry weight in the console... Ultimately your game balance is up to you.

Notes: You can change the ratios at anytime. If you are currently over encumbered, you will have to add or remove an item from your inventory to have the new stats take effect.

This mod is affected by buffs from potions or enchanted items. So, if you’re over encumbered and drink a strength potion, if it’s not enough to make you un encumbered, your speed will be increased, your stamina won’t drain as much any more, ect.

You can deactivate this mod at any time. 

How This Works
When you become over encumbered, this mod will add a spell to your character with a bunch of effects. The magnitudes of the effects will be adjusted when you add or remove an item.

The main effect will buff your carry weight limit to 1 above your inventory weight. So when you become over encumbered you will always be just below your carry weight limit, but not above it, allowing you to run. The mod then discounts this buff to get your actual carry weight limit, and adjusts the other effects based on how much you’re over encumbered and the ratios you have set in the MCM.

Notes: When you enter your inventory menu, or a container menu this spell will be removed, so you can see your actual carry weight limit. Sometimes the buff is still shown shown initially when you enter a menu. To have this updated you just need to add or remove an item :)

You still won't be able to fast travel while over encumbered, even if the carry weight buff from this mod is in effect.

General Notes/Bugs:
The spell from this mod takes a second or two to apply to your character after you add or remove an item, or exit the menu. This is because the script takes a little time to adjust the magnitudes of the spell. So you will walk just like in vanilla for a little bit before the new stats are applied.
If you exit your inventory menu too fast after removing or adding an item, sometimes the magnitudes don’t set correctly. If you notice anything weird add or remove another item. To be safe wait a second before exiting the menu after adding or removing an item.

This mod will conflict with other mods that use SetAV to change your  speed, weapon speed, or jump height stats.

Mods that change your base stats, or use ModAV to change your stats will be compatible with this mod.

Athletics Training requires the patched version of this mod. Load this mod after Athletics Training.
The patch will prevent Athletics Training from updating your speed and jump height when you become over encumbered, allowing this mod to take over. Your jumps and sprint times will still be counted so when you become un encumbered your stats will be updated correctly.

If you’re using a mod that makes potions weigh 0, then carry weight buffs from potions won’t be seen by this mod. This is because the script only runs if the item you added or removed has a weight value. You can add or remove an item after drinking a potion though to have your stats updated.

This mod has limited compatibility with other mods that rely on you being over encumbered. It really depends on the mod. If the mod checks for your encumbrance stats when you add, or remove an item, it will probably be compatible because the carry weight buff from this mod is removed when you enter the menu or when you add or remove an item. If, however the mod checks for your encumbrance stats periodically, it won’t be compatible. Nothing will break your game as this mod doesn’t use any vanilla assets. When in doubt, try it out.  :)


If installing for the first time, simply extract to your Skyrim/Data folder and check in your load order.

If updating from the old mod:
1 First, load your game and make sure you’re not over encumbered
2 Search in the console for the NaturalEncumbrance Quest
3 Type in the consol "stopquest" followed by the quest ID. Should look something like: stopquest  BF00894D
4 Make a new save
5 Uncheck or delete the old esp
6 Install this mod by extracting to the Skyrim/Data folder and checking it in your load order.

Deactivate mod in the MCM. Make a new save and uncheck in your load order.

My other mods

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Exhaustion: (Adds a breath sound if your stamina gets too low. Makes this mod 100 times better.)
Action Combat: (Makes your stamina actually worth something.)
Athletics Training: Patch now available.
Thanks to  
Bethesda for making this great game, the Creation Kit and the CK Wiki.
Anyone who has posted in the Forums. I learned a lot from reading through them.
Volek's Athletics Training, for inspiring me to make this mod.
The Nexus site for making it easy to download and share mods.

Open source, free to use, as long as it's not for financial gain. I've included the source files. Just give me credit and let me know what you're making :)

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