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A compliation of greek armor and togas for both males and females.

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  • Russian

Skyrim Special Edition version: HERE

NEW: erei has created an extension which will allow you to craft and temper the armors and weapons. His edit should also make the shields compatible with dual sheath redux and there are some other edits, check his page for details:

A Word from the Author

This mod has been a long time coming as some of you may be aware. I want to say thank you to all the people whose kind words and support make modding worthwhile and to everyone who has supported my mods specifically, I apologize for the delayed release of this mod! In the end the only reason I finished it and released it is because of you guys, so thank you and here ya go! Have fun and don't forget to kill responsibly!

Here is a fantastic showcase by Mathemedic! Many thanks to him for his excellent work!

[size=4pt]How to Aquire the Armor![/size]

Option 1:
-Go to the "Blue Palace" in "Solitude" get it (see screenshots)! There is also a chest in the smithy "Warmaidens" in Whiterun.

Option 2:
- Press ~ to open up the cheat menu
- Type help "Dwemer" or help "toga" or help "sandals" and press enter
- You should see a list of items and their numerical codes
- Type player.additem 66666666 1 and replace the 6s with the code of the item you want to spawn
- Do this for everything you want and fertig!


-Bethesda - For this epic game!

-The author and contributors of the "Creating an Armour for Skyrim" tutorial - Without which I would not have created this mod for Skyrim! link

-XunAmarox for his NMM installer tutorial link

-Acdale for the ADEC body link

-Caliente for the CBBE body link

-Dimon99 for the UNP body link

-All the people whose kind words, support and endorsements make modding worthwhile! I really appreciate you guys and in the end, your the only reason I decided to finish this mod and release it!