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Hey guys here is my personal adaptation of NLA, lots of love to that mod and the author because of pure awesomeness to keep it short.

Permissions and credits
Welcome guys here you have my Adaptation of the awesome NLA. Some of you may be familiar with 
a mod i made for the game Watch Dogs called Lunayahs Watch Dogs Enhanced Mod

Update: on the required files
Version 1.1 is now online. This version is based on ENB 0.266. I have made several changes to the preset and I have also added more options
regarding performance and DOF. I have reworked many of the weather and interior lighting aspects. For a full log of the changes please
check out the changes section.

Important:  Hey Guys I have re-uploaded 1.1 and I have fixed some issues that were brought to my attention 
If you come across any issue just contact me.

Here are some pictures of 1.1 Major changes to foggy weathers

Info about the preset

This preset is meant to give you the characteristics of NLA along with some suble Cinematic Changes 
I really hope you guys enjoy and if you do show me some love man, and definitely dont forget to go to NLA's 
official page and show Confidence man some love as well, after all this preset wouldn't be possible without
his masterpiece of a creation

Heres a video recently made by the awesome Hodilton. Thanks a lot man.

Official Video for 1.1

Hey guys heres a video I made, be aware that I have used shadowplay which doesnt record the shaders of the preset for some reason, Full LOD is enabled in this video.

Strange but this is how that area at the end of the video looks like in my game 
Picture of the setting 1
Picture of the setting 2
Picture of the setting 3
Picture of the setting 4
Picture of the setting 5

Mod list
Now you can find a list of the texture mods I use along with some city, lighting and home mods on the article section, unfortunately the links are not provided but you can definitely find most of them here on nexus. Some of the mods I have used i just no longer have the source.
Texture mods used on screens

This preset is  meant to be a mid to high end preset for enthusiast while still keeping things playable. Well lets just say that I keep a FPS ranging from 18 to 42 in exteriors and and 40 to 80 in interiors using a GTX 980, a 17 4790k @ 4.4Ghz CPU and 16GB of memory not ignoring the fact that I have over 800 mods installed along with 400 esps that have been merged to a 250 count. 

Required files

V0.266 ENB files for 1.1
NLA pluging from 1.4 from Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB 
ENB files can be found here: TES ENB Website or here ENB Files  
The  ENB helper is required for the weathers to work properly
The mod Remove interior fog v2 is required for interiors.
The Mindflux's particle and subsurface scattering patch is also recommended
 Relighting skyrim is also recommended for interiors. I have done extensive comparisons
among the most popular lighting mod, and this one proves to be the most realistic in my opining. If you
have the DLCs please us the Relighting Skyrim - DLC's mod 
For the water to look like mine you need Realistic Water Two ENB + The water color plugin

Please endorse the authors of the mods mentioned here as they have worked very hard to bring you the best experience possible.

The following values must be set to 1 in SkyrimPrefs.ini:

fGamma =1.0400

Required Mods:

NLA plugin from Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB  by Confidence man and I would
also recommend the The mod Remove interior fog v2 


Grab the enbhost and d3d9.dll from the the downloaded V.0265 ENB and drop it in the skyrim folder
Take the plugin and install it and activate it using your preferred mod manager Download my preset and and copy the files to your Skyrim director yOpen the enblocal.ini and adjust this line VideoMemorySizeMb=18432. put you memory size plus half of your video memory size.
Parallax is on by default. If you do not have parallax textures please disable the parallax settings at the bottom of the enblocal file. 


This preset is not compatible with any other weather mod
and it is designed to be used with the NLA plugin


Just delete the previously copied files from your skyrim directory and deactivate the plugin


As you guys know this is simply a preset for the awesome NLA plugin. if you need to use this file or create your own adaptation please do credit our awesome creator of NLA. Confidence man. If you are a modder and you believe that I might be using an asset or a technique that belongs to you please inform me and I will make the necessary changes to the description page giving you the the righteous credit for your much appreciated work


I would like to thanks the creator of NLA for providing us with this plugin and his preset along with those credited in his webpage.
I would also like to thanks to Boris from making this possible
I would also like to thanks all other ENB preset creators specially the creators or Somber ENB, Real Vision ENB, Seasons of Skyrim ENB and for providing an inspiration towards making the best I could out this preset.
This preset is meant to be for the Skyrim community and I by no means consider it mine.