Wearable Lanterns - Lighting Fix by IcePenguin
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Added: 27/03/2015 - 04:49AM
Updated: 29/03/2015 - 07:17AM

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Last updated at 7:17, 29 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 4:49, 27 Mar 2015


What is this mod? It's a lighting fix for Chesko's Wearable Lanterns mod. <-- Click that link to read
all about his mod. Everything you need to know is there.

Check the screenshot images to see what this fix does. It has a before and after.  It removes the
bright white glowing effect around the player and lanterns, giving it a more natural lighting.  This
is applied to all lantern types.  :)


- Wearable Lanterns 3.0b


This mod can be used with other "Wearable Lanterns" upgrades, including:

- Wearable Lanterns SMIM Patch

- Glass fix for Cheskos Wearable Lanterns

- Wearable Lanterns Firefly Torchbug pet file replacer


1. Download and install Chesko's mod Wearable Lanterns.  Get version 3.0b.
2. Download this fix, and copy+paste the "Meshes" folder into the Skyrim\Data directory.
3. Enjoy!


Chesko - created the original Wearable Lanterns mod.