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A beautiful font that's easy to read and fits Skyrim's nordic style. It contains a full character set including Cyrillic and it's perfectly compatible with Skyrim text frames.

Permissions and credits
I was searching for free fonts to replace my default Skyrim and found this beautiful font, an Art Neveu hybrid of blackletter and roman, designed by Carl Albert Fahrenwaldt in the early 1900s. The truetype version I found was digitized and further developed by Peter Wiegel and released under the Open Font License.

I liked it very much because I feel that it fits Skyrim's nordic style better than gothic fonts such as Kingthings Petrock and it looks large and very readable. Its capital letters look much better, its numbers look a natural part of the font instead of a foreign element such as arabic numerals within gothic letters, and it has a full set including Cyrillic!

But the biggest advantage over competing fonts is that, after a bit of shrinking, it becomes perfectly compatible to Skyrim's text frames. This is a big problem with other fonts that often require special SkyUI configurations or swf files, or even modified strings to fit with the game. However, I did create an optional SkyUI configuration file to further improve readability of item and spell lists.

To install the font, simply unpack the contents of the Interface folder to your Skyrim\Data\Interface folder.

Have fun!