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Tired of walking like a turtle because you picked one flower too many? We do too. This mod will add encumbrance penalties in a more immersive and challenging way. Based with permission on the older mod "SkyREalism Encumbrance" by Indigoneko.

Permissions and credits
Requires: SKSE, and SkyUI.




     Overview: Have you ever wondered how the Dragonborn can run around carrying around dozens of weapons, suits of
armor, and hundreds of potions...yet when they pick up a flower, they suddenly move at half speed?  We do.

NOTE: All information from original mod applies though the original mod itself is not needed to use this mod.


     This mod applies bonuses and penalties to the Dragonborn's speed and or stamina in 10% increments, based upon their total inventory weight and their warrior skill totals. This is based on the assumption that physically active characters are stronger, and thus able to carry more without being slowed down.

With this remake, aka version 2.5, player will have the following debuffs as they get more encumbered:

  • Will lose the ability to use two handed weapons
  • Will be unable to  double cast spells
  • Will be unable to use both hands at the same time.  You can ready one spell, or ready an axe, but not both.
  • When severely encumbered, will be unable to pickup any more armor or weapons.  (Flowers are ok.)
  • If stamina debuffs are allowed, it will be increasingly harder to use weapons effectively, etc.
  • IF stamina regen debuffs are allowed, it will regenerate more slowly the more encumbered you are

Also new in 2.5:

     -An MCM menu to let you tailor the mod to your playing style.
     -A buffer zone is added after you go past the carry weight limit. While in this buffer the player cannot pick up,any more armor or weapons but is not yet a turtle.

     -LYCANTHROPY: Werewolves in Beast Form have greatly increased strength, resulting in them being able to run slightly faster.

     -VAMPIRISM: Vampires in Vampire Lord form have had all penalties and bonuses completely removed, since they levitate.

Typical progression of events based on CarryWeight being 600 and skills at starter level 15:

     50   carryweight = 20 percent speed bonus
     100 carryweight  = 10 percent speed bonus
     150 carryweight  = 10 percent slower debuff
     250 carryweight  = 20 percent slower debuff
     350 carryweight  = 30 percent slower debuff
     450 carryweight  = 40 percent slower debuff
     550 carryweight  = 50 percent slower defuff
     ALSO!!! Around this time player can only use one hand
     560 to 600 carryweight = 75 percent slower debuff
     601 to 700 carryweight = 80 percent slower debuff and cannot pickup armor or weapons.  (Again, Flowers are ok.)
     701+  Slow as a turtle

     Similar debuffs apply to stamina.

     NOTE:  Original mod NOT required.

     Step 1) Backup your save game in case you wish to uninstall the mod at a later time.
     Step 2) Download and install with your preferred mod manager.
     Step 3) Ensure the ESP is active (ticked)
     Step 4) Start Skyrim, wait for the MCM to activate/appear
     Step 5) Enjoy! 


     Step 1) Deactivate (untick) the ESP
     Step 2) Remove with your preferred mod manager
     Step 3) Use Savegrame Script Scalpel by flexcreator to remove any orphaned scripts in your game


     Step 3 - Alternate)  Reload and restart game using the previously saved backup from Step 1 during installation
     Step 4) Continue on in Skyrim as a hoarder.


  The mod is compatible with all mods except mods that do the same thing (duh).

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