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Make armours for your equines.

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This mod adds saddles and armors, also known as barding, for the horses in Skyrim. Barding can be crafted at forges or purchased at stables and then upgraded and enchanted just like any other armor. The relevant smithing perks are necessary in order to craft certain barding sets. Once crafted, the resulting armor items can be equipped on horses using a mod that allows you to access your horse's inventory, such as my own Immersive Horses.

All of the major stable masters in Skyrim also act as vendors who sell barding and crafting materials. As your character levels up, higher-level items become available based on leveled lists, just like normal armor items sold at vendors. Katla in Solitude will also sell produce in addition to just buying it. All bug fixes from the unofficial patch are included.

Many new barding sets and alternate versions are now available thanks to contributions by DjaySaint, Rusey and CyborgArmGun. Rusey has also graciously added full compatibility for Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, but it is NOT required in order to use this mod.

  • Breakdown recipes for all saddle and barding items according to CCOR standards.
  • The CCOR "Declutter" option will hide the alternate recipe for an item unless you have the base item.
  • Items will respect the following CCOR toggles: Mod Items, Misc Tools, Daedric Crafting Only at Night, Dawnguard Items.

Please note that NONE of the texture/mesh assets in this mod were created by me (sevencardz). The textures and meshes included in this mod were created by various artists on the Nexus and they are either free for reuse with credit or I have acquired permission from the original author to repackage and share them in this mod with credit. All I have done is taken the original assets and made them into craftable and upgradable armor items so you can add them to your horse the same way you would a follower.