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Daily Eggs

In real life, chickens lay eggs almost daily ( every 25 to 30 hours). In Skyrim, chicken nests and other harvestables only respawn when the cell resets (usually 10 days).

This mod makes only chicken nests respawn daily (every 24 hours). Good for Hearthfire and "realistic needs" mods. Now you won't feel as bad when you take other people's eggs.

  • Install: Extract .7z file to Data folder.
  • Uninstall: Delete DailyEggs.esp and DailyEggs.bsa
If installed on existing savegames, an already empty nest will not respawn. You must activate it to trigger the respawn cycle.
Uses scripts, but no more than that of a nirnroot.

For smooth textured chicken eggs, try
True Textures - Bird Nests by JimtownIrish

Busy Bees

An optional plugin to make the apiary at Lakeview Manor respawn. Works on existing savegames. Uses one script.
  • Install: Extract .7z file to Data folder.
  • Uninstall: Delete BusyBeesApiary.esp and BusyBeesApiary.bsa