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Zoom height and pitch tweaks for Solsthiem, Falskaar and Wyrmstooth game maps.

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DLC World Map Zoom Height & Pitch Tweak by Kraag

This mod changes the world map settings for Min/Max Zoom Height and Pitch for Solstheim, Falskaar & Wyrmstooth world maps. It can be easily merged into a merged patch to save load order positions.

Update 9th May 2016:
New version 3 in optional files, contains map tweaks for ALL maps, to help save load order positions.

[If you are confident in the use of xEdit, you can just modify these settings in your bashed/merged patch at the end of your load order, just add the worldspace entries if they don't exist]

The following values have been internally modified by this mod:

I recommend adding/changing the following to the end of your Skyrim.ini for smaller zoom increments & 360 degree rotation:
fMapWorldZoomSpeed=0.1300    ;tweak this to your preference, try 0.2000 for larger zoom increments or 0.0900 for smaller zoom increments
fMapWorldYawRange=400.0000   ;able to rotate the camera 360 degrees

This mod was inspired by "World Map Min_Max Height Pitch Tweak" by Allana

I thoroughly recommend using the following mods in conjunction with this one:

You may also choose to use some sort of 'high altitude cloud' removal tweak, there are a few floating around the Nexus (no pun intended :P ). You can see how intrusive they are from my screenshots.


Load Order:
LAST.     <-- This.

Compatible with: Anything that doesn't mod what this mod mods.

None discovered yet, please report any so I can attempt to squash them! Verified bug reporters get Kudos.

Skyrim latest version
Dragonborn DLC
Wyrmstooth Mod
Falskaar Mod
7zip archiver

Extract the 7zip archive into your Skyrim > Data directory. Or use your favorite mod manager.

Remove mod from load order, delete all installed files, reload a saved game prior to installing this mod.

    Solstheim, Falskaar & Wyrmstooth world map tweaks - all three are required.
    Solstheim world map tweaks only - you do not need Falskaar or Wyrmstooth for this version.

and Nexus Site/Community

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