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ECE CME SAVE PRESET of Jennifer Lawrence

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for who want to try my other preset: Khaleesi the mother of dragons CME save preset

Hello guys, this is my first mod and happy to try one ;)

This is just my personnal preset of JENNIFER LAWRENCE the actress of the film:

This is not a npc but sliders preset so...

how to install the preset?

Just put the file " _9_commonTriRaces.slot " in CME_save directory  (for v 3.00 just overwhrite the old file)

you can found it in "Document/My Games/Skyrim/CME_save

Now open the racemenu in game and select slot 9

(i selected imperial race for my work)

files requirements: (to get the same face as the pictures)

ECE:  (of course ;) )
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture: (i used cbbe version)
KS hairdos 265: (the file was removed from the database but you can find it elsewhere with your best friend google)
true eyes:  (version 3.00)
seductive lips HD:

HOPE you like it :D

..ooOO CHANGE LOG V.3 OOoo...

shape of the face closest to the original

new eyes colors

new mouth shape


...ooOO CHANGE LOG V.2 OOoo...

the jaws now less strong

the face more smooth

the eyes shape more stretched

better face proportion

ECE team for the amazing Enhanced character edit
Bethesda softwork for the Elder scroll series
Caliente for CBBE
Kalilies Shocky and Stealthic Khaos for KS Hairdos
Jimtownirish for true eyes
mrLenski for covereyes
Zonzai and Seren4XX for Real girl skin texture and face
EcthelionOtW for seductive lips HD
Hvergelmir for Brows
Golgappa for Skintight dragon wear (used for my screenshots)
and many other...

( heeuuuu! just a last thing, sry for my very bad english, i'am a poor French ;)

have fun!!