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"I need a weapon, go get it boy!"
"I need food... Go go go!"
Allows you to give orders to your dog. Also works with wolves/foxes pets.

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  • Turkish
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So what does this mod do ?

Ever wanted your dog in Skyrim to behave like Dogmeat (Fallout 3) ? AKA, ever wanted to give your dog an order to find items, ammo, etc. ? Well now you can. Just talk to your dog companion, and tell him to find whatever you want! Using a "Need" mod? Ask him to get you some food!

This mod works with any dog companion, the only condition is that it has the correct voice type (works with vanilla dogs, wolves, Dawnguard huskies, and Dawnguard Death Hounds, 100% guaranteed; also works with mods that have the correct voice type (CrDogVoice, CrDogHusky, CrDeathHound, ...).

When you tell your dog to find something, he will look for it in the area. Your dog will never pickpocket (duuh), steal or kill anyone in order to get the item. Useful for dungeon looting; you can even ask him to find a damn key in the area!

After a while, if the item was not found, your dog will cancel his research and go back to you. If he found something, he will drop it to you. The item will not be automatically added to your inventory. When your dog is looking for something, he will not enter combat. He will cancel his research if he gets directly attacked, though.

  • Fully voiced dialogues (duuuuuuuh)
  • Compatible with everything
  • SKSE is NOT required


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And now for a demonstration video: