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This adds Havok physics applied 7 sets of earrings from Ultimate Assortment, 1 set from Pierced Ears - Earrings and 4 sets of earrings from KS Jewelry.

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Earrings were positioned to fit with nord, breton, imperial, redguard and Lunari race.
I'm not sure about other races.

-A great showcase by hodilton

-Featured in Skyrim Mod Review 47 by VatiWah

-A great showcase by FeuerTin.

- Featured in skyrim mods episode 169 by MMOxReview.


KS Jewelry HDT Ver 1.2 - Added 2 more earrings(Tempest, Prisonic Fairytale)
KS Jewelry HDT Ver 1.1 - xml update for crimson thorn earring
1/13/2016 - Added replacers for 2 earrings from KS Jewelry (Dream Dusk, Blood Thorn)
ver 1.4 - Added PiercedEarsCross for left ear
ver 1.3 - Added two new sets of earrings (bloodstone form Ultimate Assortment and CrossEarrings from Pierced Ears)
ver 1.2 - Added different height meshes for all the earrings, changed all the earrings equip slot to 55, remade lucent moonstone, changed damp values of all the earrings and added 1 new set of earrings (Luminous Opal Ellipse Earrings).
ver 1.1 - added aquamarine earrings.
ver 1.0 - release

You need HDT Physics Extensions and the latest Groovtama's XPMS Extended from XP32 Maximum Skeleton to make this work.

Credits to

Stealthic and Kalilies for KS Jewelry
Favoredsoul for Ultimate Assortment
HydrogensaysHDT for HDT Physics Extensions
Nostromo79 for Pierced Ears - Earrings