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Buried deep inside the depths of the "Labyrinthian, Tribune". In the ruins of a tower. Lies the powerful raiment of a long dead order of Battlemages.

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  • Polish
Buried deep inside the depths of the "Labyrinthian, Tribune". In the ruins of a tower. Lies the powerful raiment of a long dead order of Battlemages. 
(If you hit the Word Wall you've gone too far.) 

This armor is made for a mage who is not afraid to get up close and personal in combat. It provides an impressive level of protection and yet will not impair the flow of magical energies of its wearer. 

The armor has glass armor stats and the cuirass shares the Archmage robe enchantments of -15% cost to all spells, +100% magic regen, and +50 magicka. The rest of the pieces are left to you to enchant as you wish. I have also included a cloth version as well if you prefer to rely on your alteration spells for your protection. 

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Diamond Weapon Smithing:
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Deutschmanns Hunting Sword:

I Hope you enjoy the mod. Have fun!!!! 


Q:Can you make more color variations? 
A:I am doing a little experiment, I've posted my working Photoshop diffuse maps and I am asking anyone with the skills to do so, to go ahead and come up with your own variations. Send me your screenshots and if I like what you come up with I will post them as a texture replacer pack on Nexus and credit you for the assist. I made a red variant myself to get the ball rolling. You can create a new folder path that will look something like this .../Skyrim/Data/Textures/Armor/BattleMage and just drop the new files in there. It will replace the original textures. If you want to go back to the original color simply delete or move the new ones. Let me know what you think of this approach. It will save me a ton of work but also lets you make the armor any color you wish.  Please read my sticky post on the comments tab for more information. 

Q:Is that light armor? 

Q;Is there female and beast race support? 

Q:Where is it? I cant find it. 
A:The first three screenshots are of the location and the forth is a map where in I was standing directly in front of the mannequin. "Labyrinthian, Tribune" is the bottom level of the dungen, and the tower section is just before the word wall. 
****(Spoiler End)******************************************************