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The 2017 edition of my mod "Faster Skill Leveling 2015". Completely redone.

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Now with a 0.5x multiplier for slower leveling.

The 2017 edition of my mod "Faster Skill Leveling 2015". Completely redone.

Rather than editing the Skill Use Multipliers directly, for 2016 (to 2017) I
made 3 different perks that multiply the values. This is much easier and
more accurate, since the game will now do the math.

You will need to use the console in order to activate this mod in-game.
simply open the console after enabling the mod and getting in-game, and

player.addperk (see below)

xx000800 = x5 faster skill leveling
xx000802 = x2 faster skill leveling
xx000801 = x10 faster skill leveling
xx000803 = x0.5 slower skill leveling

xx in the list above corresponds to this mod's load order. check the number under "load order" in NMM to find this value.

for example, this mod is 13th in my load order, and i want x5 faster skill leveling. I would type "player.addperk 13000800".


instead you could type:
help "leveling multiplier" 0

this should bring up the exact numbers you need to plug in to the "player.addperk" command, you'll see x5, x2, and x10 listed

if at some point you decide you want a different multiplier, or to
uninstall the mod, you'll need to type "player.removeperk X", X being
the same ID number you used to give yourself the perk

(psst i lov my friend thunders29)