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My mini mods i made for other people or for my self.

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Dank Mini Mods

Here i will post my mini mods that i don't think are worth uploading by themselves. You want a small mini mod made? Just tell me and ill make it.

Mod List:

SoulGem Crafting
Synod Artificer Mods

Soul Gem Crafting:
This mod was made for a streamer since he was wanting to make or find soulgems for staffs and so i made this mod. This mod is still a wip but it does not need any perks so it should work fine with any overhual mod. 

Made for 

It takes 4 of the lower rank soul gem to make the next rank of soul gem. 

I plan to add perma support soon. But for now tell me if you get any bugs. 

(It can be found by the Lunar Forge.)

Synod Artificer Mods:

This mod will make Ink more easy to get. For some player builds getting ink is a must so this mod adds a better way of getting it.

This mod was made for the Synod Artificer build by zhakaron

You can use a cooking pot to turn flowers to ink.

*New in 2.0 You can craft firewood to a paper at a tanning rack!*

You need DawnGuard!