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This mod retexture the various villages of Skyrim with 2k or 1k texture.

Permissions and credits
GD's Farmhouse
A 2k Farmhouse retexture

Many thanks to Nozi87 for his great showcase !

Changelog version 1.10 :
- Added new roof texture for the village wall roof.
- Fixed a seam at the mill.
- Tweaked the farmhouse roof. It should look less dark and less saturated now.

This mods is a farmhouse retexture. The various villages around Skyrim (Riverwood, Rorikstead ...) will be retextured with fully new high quality 2k maps (1k available as well), giving Skyrim's villages a fresh and lore-friendly look. This mod is compatible with JK's Skyrim and I strongly recommend using JK's mod alongside mine to have fully enhanced villages.

Like it ? Please endorse and check my other mods :
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Simply install as any other mod using Mod Organizer (recommended) or the Nexus Mod Manager.If you don't like some of the textures, you can just delete them and it will go back to vanilla/other modded textures.

You can use my textures for your mods freely. The only condition is that you credit me as the author of the textures and put a link to this mod in your description.

Any suggestions are welcome. I consider this finished, but I may tweak it a bit further depending on feedbacks. Please note that this is my first mod published and I'm still quite a beginner at retexturing.
If you want new textures for a specific mod you're working on or if you just have an idea of something you would like to see retextured, please contact me or leave a comment.

Cgtexture for the reference textures
lionfx, mellowtraumatic, and the Murder Clan for the screenshots and their valuable feedbacks.
The modding community for the awesome stuff they make !