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This is a blend of nude male and female body textures and normal maps that lets you play as the real dragon born.

Permissions and credits
Now you can look like the real Dragonborn and role play with conviction. With support for a custom race!

Thanks for all your support. It is awesome!

THANKS for all your images!!! Nice to see what else can be done with them :)  However, I will not publish NUDE images. You know.. showing too much dragon skin.

AND.... because many of you asked for a CBBE version... it is available now and this mod has been renamed to Born Dragon Skin. It was a fair amount of work, since it is not just layer, but brushing as well..

AND... to make the set complete: MALE textures. Its was even more work than the CBBE textures because males have a complete different body. Like I tell you something new ;).

Ever since my first play through of Skyrim I wanted to look like I was a Dragonborn by birthright. The Argonian skin is really nice, but I favor playing as a Nord. Also the Argonian skin just isn't human enough for me to be able to role play it well. After seeing the awesome Fair Skin textures by HHaleyy I decided to create a dragon-like skin by combining them with the Argonian skin.  To make the appearance even better I did the same with the normal maps resulting in visible scales and ridges.

The Born Dragon Skin textures were initially only intended for my personal use. But, I feel these textures can be enjoyed by many more players. Just like I enjoy them. It allows me to contribute to the Skyrim community in my own way.

This mod replaces the textures and normal maps of males or females and are available for several body types.

The female body textures are a blend of HHaleyy's Fair Skin and the default Argonian skin.
The female normal maps are a blend of zzjay's Women of Skyrim, the Lesser Abs version from SvarogNL's Fitness Body and the Argonian normal maps.
I included the other files from HHaleyy's Fair Skin, like slightly glossy Goose Bumps, to make a complete set for installation.

Before publishing I asked both HHaleyy's and zzjay's permission, since I can only take credit for customizing their original textures. SvarogNL has sadly left Skyrim modding, but he released his textures as resources for other mods, as you can read in his sticky.

The male body is a blend of the vanilla male and Argonian textures and normal maps. Yes guys.. even men were real scales :) Keep in mind that the female textures are nude, but the male textures are 'nevernude'.

For those that want a male version with far less 'Argonian' and a completely male face (and nude) I have added a new file: the Light version. It uses the Nude Male by Sundracon who have given permission on his page to use his work. See the images page for screen shots.

For both male and female body types there are 2 choices (2 main files).

Option 1:
Just extract the main file for Male, UNP or CBBE (without custom races support) in the archive to the Data directory of Skyrim. Or use a mod tool to add them. But, now every Nord looks like the Dragonborn. Still, it is the simplest option. You can optionally use my Briella profile for RaceMenu v3.

Option 2:
This one is slightly more complicated, only involving the installation of 2 other mods. See the next section for Support for Custom Races. But, now you are the only one with the born dragon skin.

This is a limitation of Skyrim itself... either you play as a custom race and be the only one with the skin. Or play as a normal Nord race and install the skin for everyone of that race. You could just install Custom Races. It is very straight forward.

NOTE: If you do not install my meshes, only the textures, you will retain the vanilla body. Thanks Pharros for testing this.

Support for Custom Races
I have added main files for Custom Races you can use, if you want to play the Dragonborn as a custom race. Then your character is the only one with the dragon skin. Except real Argonians of course :) And yes, there is a Male version and Female UNP and a CBBE versions!

Since every installation is unique, I'll give you the installation steps here:

Step 1:
Install Race Compatibility for Dawnguard with the options of your choice.

Step 2:
Install Custom Races.

Step 3:
Install a main mod from my files pages, one for Custom Races.

Step 4:
Start a new game, choose Custom Nord. Optionally, for females, if you want your character to look like mine, load the Briella profile also present on the files page.

Note: For the Female UNP and CBBE versions I have included the XP32 Maximum Skeleton and correct meshes in the archive. This ensures the body is the same as I am using. I have not tested this with other skeletons. The advantage of the XP32 Skeleton is that you can change the size of the thighs and waist.

Argonian Race
For everyone asking me about making a texture for the Argonian race.. I have to disappoint you and cheer you up at the same time. I have made a few attempts and looked around on the Nexus. But, I cannot make a better Argonian hybrid than the one found here: Human Beast Races - Revamped

- Check out the posts section for more information. There could be some very useful answers for you there.
- I never play without Face Light. I only play with female characters. It makes your characters face just come to life.
- BodySlide/CBBE users of my Custom Race file: if you get weird body sizes after running BodySlide, replace my femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif files with the files that are produced by BodySlide. Then the custom race uses you body sizes.
- For females: if you want more shine (or less), just run the Fair Skin installer and select another specular map like Sweaty to overwrite my maps.
- If you do not install my meshes, only the textures, you will retain the vanilla body. Likewise you can copy your own body meshes.
- If you like the texture, but not the ridges and scales, just install (a mod for) Normal Maps only over my mod (the _msn files).
- ENB/Neck seam: Google on enb and neck seam. Lots of settings you may want to try. For example: set FixTintGamma=false in your enblocal.ini
- If you have a custom follower you can copy the textures of my mod and let it look like a dragon.
- HHaleyy's Fair Skin Complextion has a Troubleshooting section you might want to check out

The video below shows my Briella character using the Born Dragon Skin.


Fair Skin Complexion
Women of Skyrim normal maps
Custom Races
Nude Male by Sundracon

Special Thanks
HHaleyy and zzjay for giving me permission to share their textures.

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