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Ever wanted a larger-than-average fox as a travel companion? Then you've come to the right place.

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After finally getting in gear and learning how to mod, I decided I wanted a follower to call my own. Thus Garridan was born.

So who is Garridan?

Garridan is a lovely fox who is by no means "little"; actually, he's quite large. But don't be put off by his size. He's very friendly! He spends his time in Falkreath, by the training area for the guards (found between the barracks and the lumber mill to be exact). He doesn't cause trouble and he's quiet, so the citizens don't mind him. However, he tends to get lonely all by himself... Not to mention he has a strange note on him that simply states that it's from a woman named "Aurelia". She seems to be his previous owner, but not much else is known about her. (HINT HINT WINK WINK QUEST INCOMING EVENTUALLY)


Since he's a large fox, he can can carry more than your run-of-the-mill lupine. He also levels with the player up to level 100. Don't worry about him dying by a hunter's stray arrow, either; he's essential. (Also don't forget to show that hunter what-for. How dare they try to take YOUR companion!) As of version 1.1, he also won't set off traps and he's much more silent. Perfect for members of the Dark Brotherhood!


Garridan should be compatible with every other mod out there. Seriously, I'm not that talented of  modder, so if for some reason he conflicts with something, it was a complete and total accident.


Well, the skin mesh was borrowed from Bellayaches Animal and Creature Pack, so I would have that installed if I were you. It's not necessarily required though. It's more of a "just in case" sort of scenario.


Just... Just use the Nexus Mod Manager. Or your mod manager of choice. I mean, if you really want to deal with manually downloading the files and pasting it all in the "Data" folder of your Skyrim directory then be my guest, but using the NMM is so much easier.

To uninstall, again, just use the NMM. Or pick through the Data folder and delete all the "garridan" files.


Q: Garridan isn't following me!
A: Yes he is. Did you click on him? Go click on him again. His dialogue options will come up and he's as normal as any follower.

Q: Garridan still isn't following me!!1!
A: Then I'm sorry, but Garridan must not trust you. (Seriously though, I do apologize and I'm working to resolve the issue.)

Q: Garridan won't listen to me! 
A: Hit him once or twice to smack some sense into him. He's been alone for a while, after all. And he isn't a tame fox, remember. (Fast travel and loading a save game works as well.)

Q: He started randomly attacking people! What do?!! 
A: Update to the latest version. Or fast travel. Why not both?

Q: Garridan is...purple?
A: Hehehe... Sorry. I renamed a texture from the Animal and Creature Pack when I made the mod. I uploaded it with a read-me on where to put it under the Misc. section in the files tab, so hopefully that'll fix the problem; if not, well... Try verifying the files with Steam?

Q: Garridan's still purple. >:(
A: Then I hope you like purple because I'm new to modding and I'm doing my best here. Seriously though, I really am sorry that for some reason he may just be a forever missing texture in your particular game (no two Skyrims are alike after all). It'll be a bug to squash as I keep upgrading him.


- Sometimes Garridan decides he just doesn't want to follower no matter what. At least, this is what he's been doing on Steam. It's possible this bug is a side effect of poor scripts (oops) or the fact that I use Amazing Follower Tweaks. If Garridan just won't pay attention to you no matter what, I suggest downloading it or possibly Ultimate Follower Overhaul (even though I prefer AFT but that's your choice) until I manage to fix the problem once and for all.

Let me know if you find any bugs or would like to see any other features! I'll see what I can do with him based on feedback.

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