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A thriving and populated Orc stronghold built around an abandoned Imperial fort, now a large and comfortable home.

Permissions and credits
Perfect for any Orc character - or any character that enjoys a distinct and unique life style - Tharash Dol is both a living town and a extensive player home. It is located in Hjaalmarch, just north of Talking Stone Camp, with beautiful views across the tundra and marsh. The stronghold is filled with active NPCs, has a lively tavern, a thriving marketplace, a working shrine to Malacath, and a large mine. The Garrison - the player home - includes all the amenities an adventurer (and their entire entourage) could need.

UPDATE 3/13/15
The Final Contest Version (for reals this time) of Tharash Dol is posted. Be sure to download the All-in-One file, then overwrite with the Update file.

This mod was created as a part of /r/skyrimmods/ player home contest. Many mod authors worked very hard on some beautiful homes so GO! check them out!

Stronghold Features:

  • Blacksmith Vendor
  • Mage Vendor
  • Alchemy Vendor
  • General Vendor
  • Hunting/Fletching Vendor
  • Ore Vendor
  • Tavern Keeper
  • Fishery
  • Mine
  • 29 Hearthfire Planting Plots
  • A Working Shrine to Malacath, Complete with Blessing
  • Tavern
  • NPC huts
  • Guardhouse
  • Market Stalls
Garrison Player Home Features:
  • Lots of Static Clutter, Plus Some Lootable Treats
  • Smithing Facilities, Including Smelter
  • Alchemy, Enchanting, Spider Crafting, and Staff Enchanting Study
  • Disenchanting Font
  • Working Book Shelves
  • Large Kitchen with Cooking Pot and Hearthfires Oven
  • 6 Follower Beds
  • 6 Children Beds
  • Banquet Hall
  • Trophy Room with Displays for Black Books, Daedric Artifacts, Dragon Priest Masks, Dragon Claws, and more!
  • Ample vanilla displays for your favorite weapons and armors.
  • Auto Sort and Auto Display features, courtesy of General Stores and General Displays! To use the Autosort, place items in the large chest by the front door; they will be placed in the appropriate storage containers near the crafting stations. To use the Auto Display feature, place unique items in the safe by the treasure room door; if they have a dedicated display, they will automatically be placed on display. If they do not have a dedicated display, the will remain in the safe, and you can place them in a vanilla display elsewhere in the house.

  • Should be compatible with anything that doesn't alter the area north of Talking Stone Camp. I'll keep this list updated with any reported incompatibilities.
Known Bugs:
  • The ore nodes in the mine are glitchy. If they fail to activate, equip and draw a pick axe, then activate the node. It's not perfect, but you will get ore.
  • Whether you consider it a bug or a feature, the orcs of Tharash Dol are very close neighbors with the local giants and mammoths. While the stronghold orcs are on good terms with giants and mammoths, the giants will still dislike the player's presence. Exercise caution. Also, they mammoths have been reported to occasionally visit the stronghold.

Required Masters:Recommended Mods:Mods Used in Screenshots:
  • Climates of Tamriel
  • Project ENB - Fantasy Preset

Completely navmeshed and cleaned in TES5Edit. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to Gamwich for granting permission to use Peltapalooza in The Garrison!
Thanks to EVERYONE at r/skyrimmods for the massive support and encouragement!