About this mod

Memories of the desert in a hidden valley. No expense was spared, and every amenity was accounted for. This is a home for the greatest sultan of the Alik`r.

Permissions and credits
This house was made not only to fill a niche, but to flourish in it. Inspiration came from many sources, but most heavily and obviously art and architecture from the middle east. The house and surrounding valley has been navmeshed fully. The lighting inside the house will vary greatly from person to person, depending on your lighting mods and ENB (these screenshots were shot with K ENB). Emittance has been set on all the windows and appropriate lights inside the house, so lighting will change throughout the day.

  • Skyrim
  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn
  • Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions (soft requirement, only for spouse & children compatibility)

  • All crafting stations
  • Some unique displays
  • 56 Hearthfire planters
  • 11 weapon plaques
  • 11 display cases
  • 8 bookcases
  • 4 Hearthfire trophy displays
  • 6 child beds
  • 4 follower beds
  • 2 mannequins
  • 2 servants
  • 1 unique scimitar and shield
  • 1 windchime
  • 1 unique shrine
  • Exclusive custom music in the interior provided by¬†TerrorFox1234/Avalux Audio
  • Idle markers throughout, so your Seranas will never be bored
  • Enough lootable clutter to give Elianora a heart attack

How to Obtain
There are no requirements to obtain this house (yet), though you'll be greeted by at least 4 lovable bears when you first enter. It is located due east of Steamcrag Camp.

Simply use your favorite mod manager to handle things, or if handling things manually, unpack the archive and move the .esp and .bsa to your Skyrim's data folder.

No known incompatibilities.

Planned Updates
  • Limited Hearthfire-style construction
  • New and unique trophy displays
  • Add a few unique little surprises
  • Add servant NPCs

Known Issues
None at the moment

If you wish to translate this mod, please contact me. I am willing to host translations on this mod page, but i can offer no technical support to those using a translated file.

Permissions and Credits
Please see the permissions link toward the top of the page.

Finally i want to express how enormously thankful i am to everyone at the /r/skyrimmods subreddit. This would not have been possible without them, and that's not an exaggeration.