About this mod

Flying Dwemer style Estate located North of Solitude, small quest and upgradable amenities.

Permissions and credits

Sir Terry Pratchett

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Adds a moderate sized Dwemer style floating estate nestled in the clouds north of Solitude. 
Head South-West out of Falkreath to start the quest to obtain the Stratos estate.

Submission to the Build a home Reddit contest, if you enjoy it try some of the others and vote for your favorites. DDproductions83 is my reddit handle :)
Voting is up at Reddit modding contest vote thread
Update 1.2
Added guardrails courtesy of Jokerine, with collision
Followers 'should' not die while in Stratos, from falling or otherwise
Buster sword has a Omnislash effect added, 14% chance to go insane on hit

Update 1.3
Fixed headcolor bugs
Buster sword Omnislash effect down to 3.3% proc chance on hit (14% was too powerful)
Fixed minor music bug
Tried to optimize a bit better but you will still get fps hit on full upgrade


After completing the quest to obtain the estate you can upgrade sections with the caretaker located in engineering. All upgrades require filled Grand Soul Gems in varying amounts. Other features include:

Upgradable Areas

Living Quarters, guest and personal bedrooms
Crafting section, Alchemy and Enchanting
Teleport buttons to all major holds
Shrines and kitchen
Storage Area
Dining Area

Three Custom Music Tracks
Living quarters for up to two guests
Spouse compatible (Requires use of a spell taught upon upgrading living quarters)
A custom companion who shapeshifts into animals in combat
Recall spell that is follower compatible
A restockable Garden
A restockable Vault
A fricking Buster sword

Q:Will this have any compatibility issues?
A:Only with anything that modifys the four cells it inhabits

Q:I cleaned with TesV Edit now nothing works
A:Well, don't do that, unless you are proficient with TesV Edit, (Then send me the cleaned esp please)

Q:Where are you at on Discworld?
A:Working on it, had a hiatus, used this to get my head back int he game.

Q:Why does Elisa have such little dialogue etc etc
A:I did this in two weeks common now!

Contains one ESP and one BSA, NMM will install automatic, I believe Mod Manager will as well. Manual install just move the ESP and BSA into your Skrim Data folder.

- Jokerine Couldn't have done this without her.
- ChromicLights Voice of Elisa
- Matthew Curtis Hafalden, Kumr, and the Caretaker
- Jerick Buster Sword asset
- Matthiaswag He did something IDK
- Dwemer Shelves Resource by Nostromo79.
- Lolicept Resources by LOLICEPT.
- Elianora's Extra Resources by Elianora.
- Orient Set by Garnet.
- Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67.
- Insanity's Dwemer Coin, Pillows and Clutter Stuffs by InsanitySorrow.
- Dwemer Mechanical Mudcrab by UlithiumDragon.
- FoodContainer, PotionShelf, OpenBooks and BookSets Resources by Blary.
- Berts Bits And Bobs by berticus0001.
- FPI Experiment Pack 1 by The Fuzzy Physics Institute.
- Stroti Resource Pack by Stroti and Tamira.
- Planter Noble Dwemer Rock by Tony67.
- PensBasketsTextureSets by Pendraia.
- Paintings and Frames by Artisanix.
- The fine folks who have contributed to The TESA Resource Kit.
Almost every artist that cycles in the Lindsey Sterling playlist I have on Pandora.
Mountain Dew, without it this mod might not have been finished.
Custom music for Discworld by Jean-Gabriel Raynaud
Custom music for Discworld by Marwan de Carmentran