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Haafinheim is a medium sized player home located on the shoreline near the Solitude farms that has been created expressly for the purpose of the r/skyrimmods ‘build a home’ competition.

Permissions and credits

Haafinheim is a medium sized player home located on the shoreline near the Solitude farms that has been created expressly for the purpose of the r/skyrimmods ‘build a home’ competition
The house can be acquired by the player after a short quest that explains some of the story behind the house and why it is in its current condition when found by the player.  Completing the quest will tidy up the house and transfer its ownership to the player, at which point they can take up residence.
The mod has been created by several members of Archon Entertainment, the team behind Luftahraan, partly for a chance to get something released on the long road toward completing Luftahraan, and partly as a bit of a break from the city.

The quest starts when the player locates a notoriously deceased corpse in the vicinity of a house.  Searching the body, they come across a letter from Falk Firebeard, the Steward of Solitude, petitioning the bearer to resolve a haunting issue that has been plaguing the house.

Haafinheim requires a copy of Skyrim patched to the latest version, as well as all of the official DLC – Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.  It does not require any additional mods – everything required, other than the DLC,
is packaged within the mod.

To install Haafinheim(without any mod manager):
Place all of the files in inside your skyrim/data folder (usually located within steam/steamapps/common/skyrim).
Ensure that the .esp is activated, either through the Data Files section of the Skyrim Launcher or by whatever other mans you may use.  It is unlikely to matter where in your load order Haafinheim is located, but it should load after any mods that alter the area west along the coast from the Solitude docks.

To uninstall Haafinheim:
Simply remove the files that you previously added to the data folder.  Just removing the .esp will remove it from your game, but to be thorough it is recommended that you remove all of the files.

Haafinheim should be compatible with all other mods.  The only issues will arise when a mod edits the area a short distance to the west of the Solitude docks – the area in between the sawmill and the first ships.  As long as a mod doesn’t drastically affect this area, there should not be any issues.

This .esp file, Haafinheim and the house model are the property of Archon Entertainment. If you wish to upload Haafinheim to another modding website it is not necessary to seek our permission, but you must include a link to the nexus page of the mod and give full credit to Archon Entertainment, as well as making it clear that you are neither the author of the mod nor in any way affiliated with its development. If you do re-upload the mod, you must email us at [email protected] and let us know that you have re-uploaded the mod and where you did so – this will help us keep track of where the mod is available, but we will not take on the responsibility of keeping the mirror site up to date.
You may not upload Haafinheim to any location that allows you to charge money for it, and neither can you make any profit from its distribution in any other way.  Similarly, Haafinheim may not be included in any other mod that requires payment to download.
Video creators of any sort are free to use Haafinheim as a source for their material, whether that material be a video review, a Let’s Play or any other endeavour. If you wish to create such a video, you may wish to contact us (at [email protected]) beforehand, to let us know of your intention and so that we can assist you with additional material such as video logos etc. Even if you do not contact us before making the video, we would appreciate it if you let us know after it is uploaded.
You may not copy or edit the files within this mod in any way without the express permission of the Archon team – permission which we are highly unlikely to give. You may not include any part of these files as composite parts of your own release.   All models from the Modder’s Resource Pack belong to Oaristys and Tony67, and are used within as per the terms of their own license.  Similarly, all models from the Paintings and Frames resource belong to Artisanix and are used within as per the terms of his own license.

Credit for the creation of Haafinheim goes to the Archon Entertainment team, most notably:

Örvar "Wheeze" Arnórsson
Project lead, level design and quest implementation

Exterior level design

Morgana “Dodgy Fanfiction” Robinson 
Interior level design

Matt “The Man” Newbould
Writing and story

Double Felix
Exterior modelling

Sam “Arkaash” Cannon
Editing and general dogsbody

Wheeze’s Stream
Competition Page
Special Edition Version version
Xbox One Version

Added missing skybox to the Haafinheim Study
Added a few containers near the enchanter
Fixed a few gaps in the ceiling above the dibella statue

Fixed some minor clipping issues
Moved all resource files to a .bsa file

The ghost of the Artist now appears randomly doing menial tasks and will disappear once you get close to the Artist
Moved the mannequins to the bedroom and placed a dragon mask collection where the mannequins used to be(you may have to re-enter Haafinheim if the mannequins don't move)
Redid the lighting from scratch using custom templates and imagespaces to improve the lighting slightly and fix issues where haafinheim was really dark for some people
Also fixed various other smaller unimportant bugs

Further fixes towards the study room crash. 99% sure the crashes are now finally fixed.

Reverted back to loose file format instead of a .bsa archive(to fix the quest not starting)

Fixed the crash to desktop near the enchanter
Moved the enchanting room to a separate cell now named "Haafinheim Study"
Switched to a .bsa archive instead of loose files
Added custom painting located near the blacksmith
Fixed creepy moving mannequins
Added idle markers for followers to use whilst staying home
Local map now looks nicer
Fixed inaccurate compass inside the interior
Some navmesh fixes
Along with various other minor fixes
Made sure blood disappears from door step Kappa

Potentially fixed the enchanter crash bug(please leave feedback if you are still crashing there)

Initial release