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About this mod

The Distin are honored warriors revered for their skill and ability to handle almost any task possible, the Distin are rolling in their glory and their coin, and bards sing of their battles in Taverns, however in Skyrim, it's a different story. In Skyrim they're are not as glorified as they are in other Provinces. They find themselves scrou

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  • Japanese
Available for Skyrim Special Edition


"There are several Distin sanctuaries all over Tamriel which contain the most outstanding warriors in all of the World. Sort of like the Companions here in Skyrim. But with a lot more competence and technique." - Master Ithualin of the Distin.

The Distin are honored warriors revered for their skill and ability to handle almost any task possible, the Distin are rolling in their glory and their coin, and bards sing of their battles in Taverns, however in Skyrim, it's a different story. In Skyrim they're are not as glorified as they are in other Provinces. They find themselves scrounging for contracts, losing their vision of glory, and being reduced to nothing more than a group of sellswords. If anyone can save them, it's the Dragonborn.


  • 25+ new and original quests.
  • A complete questline
  • Hours of new gameplay
  • Fully voiced characters
  • 3 New followers with commentary
  • New outfits and armor
  • New weapons
  • Two new sanctuaries
  • NPC Dialogue Scenes
  • Battles with enemies
  • Lore friendly history



Distin Lore

The Distin was founded by an Altmer called Hrottlen. Hrottlen was a former member of the Psijic Order, who are a group of extremely powerful mages. Hrottlen formed a small group of warriors, which slowly expanded, and turned into a massive organisation of blades for hire. The Distin expanded into every province in Tamriel. The Distin previously had a sanctuary in Vvardenfell, but it was destroyed when Red Mountain erupted. Hrottlen realised that some members may have become unruly due to nobody watching over them in each province, so he formed the Distin Masters. Distin Masters are the most powerful of the Distin Warriors who have a mass amount of trust placed in them to keep things running smoothly. There are usually at least two Masters in each province at one time besides the Sanctuary Leader. The Sanctuary Leader is still classed as a Master, but does not have the authority of a Higher Authority Distin Master. Sanctuary Leaders are usually middle aged due to the fact that they need experience to become a Sanctuary Leader, but they are not old or wise enough to become a Distin Master of Higher Authority.

The leader of the Masters, Hrottlen, was the leader of everyone, even the Masters, so he had a higher title, so he was named Chancellor Hrottlen. The title of Chancellor was then set in stone as the title of the Master's Leaders. Centuries ago, Chancellor Hrottlen was mauled to death by bears, and his title was passed to Chancellor Provatas, who was once his second in command. Most Distin Members have never, and possibly will never meet the Chancellor as he's incredibly busy running the whole organisation.

The Distin Council hall is the place in the Summerset Isles where all Distin Masters can reside when they feel the need, or if they're called to a mass meeting. Being allowed into the Distin Council hall is a great honor for just a regular member. You would have to have achieved something great to be allowed entry.

Some Distin Master's are written about in history books. Chancellor Hrottlen being one of them, and as Master Ithualin is one of the most revered and powerful Distin Masters, he is written about in several books too. Master Ithualin is most known for his part in the Battle for Hammerfell Sanctuary, in which he severed the head of the leader trying to destroy the Distin's presence in Hammerfell. In the Battle for Hammerfell Sanctuary, a man named Terfellus lead an army of a thousand men to destroy the Distin in Hammerfell. So Master Ithualin, along with Master Martellen and only one hundred Distin Members fought the one thousand soldiers and Master Ithualin slaughtered the leader, and the rest of the attackers soon followed. But that was centuries ago.

The Distin today in Skyrim aren't as glorified as the other sanctuaries, but perhaps that will change. 


How to start:

You can talk to a Distin Warrior patrolling Whiterun, talk to Master Ithualin in the Arcanaeum in The College of Winterhold or go straight to the sanctuary and talk to Celinsa yourself.


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2.0 Features

This update includes 14 new quests, two short questlines, an alternative ending, sanctuary improvements, bug fixes, plot development and a new side quest and battles against your enemies.

To start one of the questlines, you must complete the main questline, any ending will work, complete the main questline quest The Way of the Voice and then talk to Elithel.

To start the other questline you have to complete Master Ithualin's ending and talk to him after the quest "Training Day".

There are various other miscellaneous quests around the sanctuary that your fellow guild members will give out when completing one of the endings.

There is also a side quest that can be started by talking to "Sister Mithrin" just by the Falkreath gate.


3.0 Features

This update includes 3 new quests, and a new follower. To begin two of the quests, talk to Thenil whenever possible. To begin the other quest, talk to Larilton after completing Master Martellen's ending. 

This update also makes Elithel a follower. You must complete all her quests to be able to recruit her. She is fully voiced and has over 100 lines of follower commentary.

Fixes the grey face bug.



Complete dialogue overhaul! Bug fixes! Immersion! New Quests!

It's not called the ULTIMATE EDITION for no reason! 


Voice Talent:

I was privileged enough to work with some of the best voice actors on this planet. I massively recommend all of them!

Alarin - Andy Steinhauer
Brelith - Melody Muzljakovich

Brunshuld - Brandon Phillips
Celinsa - ElusiveMai

Courier - Oscar Furey
Distin Guard 1 - Oscar Furey
Distin Guard 2 - Thomas W Burbidge-Kelly
Elifah - Oli Stiel
Elithel - Sara Dunham
Felden - Nathaniel Grauwelman

Jerathel - Randy Pop
Keriss Vontara - Christine Wendell

Lardol - Roland Rose
Larilton - Carlos J. Moreno

Larley - Rebecca Cardenas
Lifeless - 
Thomas W Burbidge-Kelly
Master Ithualin - Oscar Furey
Master Martellen - Amanda Preston
Meriss - Rose Copper
Mertenal - Sabrina Fischer
Orolton - Joey Jacklin
Rose - Beck Watkins
Sister Mithrin - Ellie Carter
Tilessa - Emily Green
Thalmor Guard - Andy Steinhauer
Thalmor Justiciar - Oscar Furey
Thenil - 
Oscar Furey
Turlan Whinto - Cary Reese
Varacus - Oscar Furey
Violette - Beck Watkins
Yatheri - Tristan Finkelstein


Future Updates:

The mod is finished!


Program Files (x86) > Steam > SteamApps > common > Skyrim > Data
Place the Distin.esp in the Data file.
Place the SEQ folder in the Seq file.
Data > Sound > Voice and place the Distin.esp file that's in the Sound > Voice into the Voice file.



  • Elithel's quest markers do not show up
  • Crashes have been reported, but are not confirmed

Please report any bugs in the bug section on the forums.

If there's something you want to see in an update, let me know!