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A remake of the skyrim vanilla cities (Falkreath and Morthal)

Add new buildings, City walsl, and many more things.

Permissions and credits
Special thanks to JKrojmal who help me building this mod

A lorefriendly mod

"This coarse, uncivilized province is far from hospitable, but it is also a place of fierce, wild beauty, with grand vistas and inspiring natural wonders awaiting those with the will to seek them out and the refinement to truly appreciate them." An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim by Marcius Carvain, Viscount of Bruma


This mod is a rebuilt of the vanilla cities of Skyrim. At this time I have finished Falkreath and morthal, but I pretend to expand this with dialogs and quest in the future, and more cities of course.

The new version briong life to morthal, many new economic activities in the town, but it remains at the poorest city in skyrim (So nothing rich has benn added to mantain the lore)

New in version 2

- Remade of Morthal
- 5 New buildings in Morthal
- A new Chapel for Stendarr in Morthal
- A new Jarl Longhouse in morthal (interior/exterior)
- A city market
- 10+ Characters added
- Refurniture of Falkreath
- Added 1 Home to falkrteath

All the navmeshes are complete. I have tested all of them whith follower for a lot of hours, so I can say, they are safe.

Dont forget to visit the new chapel of Stendarr in morthal.


Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67

Cyrodiil Farmhouse Tileset by Markus Liberty

Building kits and other items by jet4571

Griffon Fortress Resource by mr_siika and Kraeten

Mr Siika Castle Seaview Kit by mr_siika and Tamira

New World Modder Resource by Breti

I dont speak english as my native language, sorry for the faults.