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Applies a mesh fix for the player, and a scripted fix for all other actors.

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There are several approaches to fixing the invisibility eye glitch. One is a mesh approach, which works great for the player but not for other Actors. Another is a scripted approach, which corrects all Actor's eyes after an invisibility effect ends, but may cause brief visual disruption for the player character. 

In a thread discussing suggested bugfixes in addition to the USKP, the values of both approaches were brought up. In particular:
IsharaMeradin, on 16 Jul 2014 - 9:53 PM, said:
I had to test this.  

Mesh fix:  
-- Works for Player without fail
-- Does not work on NPCs

Script fix:
-- Works immediately on NPCs (cannot see any glitched eyes)
-- Works slowly on Player (can see glitched eyes for a few moments)

Why not a dual solution?  Apply the mesh fix for the player and script for the NPC.
I couldn't agree more. This mod applies both fixes: the mesh fix for the player, and the script fix for every other Actor. There is an MCM which allows you to configure additional options for the script, including a hotkey which applies the fix to all Actors within a distance of one cell. This will correct the issue for any NPC currently experiencing the glitch, and provides additional compatibility for invisibility effects added by mods.

Script lag should not be an issue for anyone. There are no scripts which are run constantly. The scripts are attached to spell effects that cause invisibility, and are triggered when the effect ends. Besides checking for certain conditions, the only real thing they do in most cases is call QueueNiNodeUpdate() on the Actor.

Some people report problems with the eye meshes provided by this mod. If you want the benefit of this fix without the eye meshes, you should delete the meshes and enable the script fix for the player in the MCM. Details on what meshes to delete can be found in the comments section.


Use your preferred mod manager to install, or simply copy the files to your Skyrim data folder.

Reguires SKSE and SkyUI.


Fully compatible with all spell mods that use the vanilla invisibility effects. New spells that use new effects will be compatible without a patch as long as the effect is only applied to the player. New effects that apply to other Actors will require a patch, or the use of the configured hotkey.

Fully compatible with eye texture mods, as long as they don't change the meshes.

May not be fully compatible with characters using the YGNord race, or one based on it. Testing done by Mr. Dave shows that the meshes used in the eye fix may cause a bulging eye effect when zooming out, if combined with this race (see the comments for details). As a workaround, the meshes this mod adds can be safely deleted, and the scripted fix can be applied to the player by changing a setting in the MCM. Note that this issue is not present for Vanilla races, and has not been reported for other race mods.


bellywood2206 for the meshes in their mod Eye Glitch Fix.

KingsGambit for their mod Invisibility Glitch - Eyes Fix. The scripts used here are entirely new, but the use of QueueNiNodeUpdate() is based on their approach.

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