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The more items you carry, the slower you'll move. This mod has been developed with safety and stability as a top priority.

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Cobb Encumbrance

This mod changes your movement speed based on how heavy your inventory is.

I've been a user of the Skyrim Encumbrance Mod, a great mod that implements a really cool idea. Unfortunately, that mod hasn't been updated in over a year, and it has some issues that can cause it to overload Skyrim's script engine (causing it to "dump stacks") if you pick up or lose a large amount of items in a short amount of time. After fully investigating the issue, it became apparent that fixing it would require building a new mod from the ground up.

Accordingly, Cobb Encumbrance was built from scratch with stability as my number one priority. I've subjected my code to a wide variety of stress-tests, and it's held up when other mods haven't. I can teleport to Bethesda's "QASmoke" testing cell, walk up to some containers, and add hundreds of kinds of items to my inventory in seconds. That's enough for other mods to cause stack dumping, but my mod won't. I also tested Diplomatic Immunity, one of the base-game quests that removes a player's entire inventory (potentially a hundred or more items) at once; my mod functioned safely.

You need SKSE to run this mod. I developed and tested it with SKSE 1.7.2.
I'm pretty sure you'll also need SkyUI; if you prefer the vanilla UI, I believe you can install SkyUI Away to use it.

Cobb Encumbrance is fully adjustable through the MCM:

  • You can toggle immersive notifications on or off.
  • You can change the weight thresholds at which buffs and nerfs kick in.
  • You can change the movement speed modifiers that are applied when you carry certain amounts of weight.
  • You can apply modifiers to your Stamina and your Stamina regen rate based on how much you're carrying.
  • You can apply a Stamina drain (damage-over-time) effect when you're carrying a lot of items.
  • You can enable and disable a "crush" stage, to add an element of danger to trying to carry twice as much as you're able to.

If you install FISS, you can save your settings to a file, and easily load them into new playthroughs. This mod also offers a few presets for FISS users, including one that mimics Skyrim Encumbrance Mod's weight and speed values.

Switching from SEM to Cobb Encumbrance
Use Savetool 2.04b to completely remove SEM's data from your savegame. To do that, load your savegame (*.ESS file) in Savetool, click the "Mod editor" button, check the box for SkyEncMod.esp, and remove all forms and scripts belonging to the mod. Then, make sure that SEM is disabled, and continue your playthrough from the save you just cleaned.

Keep in mind that all scripted mods leave data behind in your savegame even after they're uninstalled. It's impossible to guarantee that any scripted mod will uninstall safely. Savetool is very good at excising leftover data from a savegame, but if you don't want to chance it, then I'd recommend waiting until you start a new playthrough before switching to Cobb Encumbrance.

As stated above: it's impossible to guarantee that any scripted mod will uninstall safely. If you wish to remove Cobb Encumbrance from your game, I'd recommend disabling it, and then using Savetool 2.04b to delete all data connected to CobbEncumbrance.esp.

If you're not sure that this mod is something you want, I'd recommend testing it for a while before committing to it. If you don't like it, you can delete any saves made while testing.