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Removes the delay between spoken NPC lines.

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Like the name says, removes the forced padding between spoken (or sung) NPC lines.
By default there was a global variable adding 0.5 seconds of padding to every line.
It is really really noticable when bards are singing.

By request, an optional 0.1 second padding version for those that found the total removal too much.

Pablosky64 made this nice video showing before and after.

Pro's and cons:

Extended exposition on the part of NPCs goes somewhat faster.
However occasionally some lines seem to slightly overlap.
Bards still have some pauses while singing, but that's due to actual padding in the sound files.

Installation and conflicts.

Drop it in your Skyrim/data/ folder, enable in launcher, good to go.
Uninstallation involves deleting the .esp file.
Remember, just use one version.

This should not conflict with anything ever. If a mod lower down in your load order causes
NPCs to go back to pausing between lines please inform that modder to clean up his file.