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 ~ Chillfurrow Cottage ~

This is my first ever player home mod. It is a nice, cosy cottage near Chillfurrow farm in Whiterun. It has plenty of space for you and guests. The theme of the cottage is 'cosy with a bit of class.' If you go into the main bedroom (which is near the living area) and look inside the bedside cupboard, you will find a  book called 'Chillfurrow Cottage.' This is a simple guided tour of the house; handy for your first visit! :) 
The exterior features a nice garden with vegetables and flowers and around the back of the house there is a wood-chopping block.

While this house is a simple cottage, it serves its' purpose as being a humble home near Chillfurrow Farm.

- Zylice


*House Features*

*Large Living Area - Up the stairs from the entranceway
    *Main Bedroom - Through the doorway to the left of the Living Area

*Kitchen & Dining Area - Through the doorway at the front of the Living Area

*Tempering/Smithing Area - Downstairs from the Kitchen & Dining Area

        *Spare Bedroom - Through the doorway of the Tempering/Smithing Area

*Future Goals For This Mod*

 *Fixed, static decor  - so they won't collapse if you accidentally bump into them.(**DONE - V1.1**)
 *Swappable rugs - so you can choose & swap around rugs.(**DONE - V1.1**)
 *Better Lighting (**DONE - Optional File**)
 *More rug colours (**DONE - V1.1**)
 *Weapon Racks & Mannequin (**DONE - V1.3**)
*Add Day/Night Emittance for the lighting



*Remove ALL personal items from the house (from containers, weapon racks, wardrobes etc)

*Leave the area/cell (go to Whiterun) & make a NEW SAVE

*Uninstall previous version
[/left][/left]*Install new version

#NOTE# You MUST reaquire the Chillfurrow Cottage key from the barrel after updating to version 1.3!




V1.3 -  Fixed follower load door issue with entrance (followers will now actually follow you inside), Fixed navmesh (so followers won't get caught on furniture) , Fixed floor flickering (overlaping textures/meshes) & Added several new features.  

V1.2 - Added more features to the house such as: Paintings, Blacksmith Anvil, Tanning Rack, Smithing Storage & Changeable rugs near the dining area. The house now requires a key that can be found in the barrel at the back of the house. Credits to Artisanix  for the 'Open Books' & 'Paintings & Frames' resources.

V1.1 - Fixed decor (hanging shields/swords) so that it's static and will not get knocked down if you bump into them + Changeable rugs in the living room (colours - Yellow, Purple).


 - Open Books
 - Paintings & Frames

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