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To provide convenience and flexibility in using and manipulating the items stored within the player inventory.

Permissions and credits
Inventory Management System
by IsharaMeradin

To provide convenience and flexibility in using and manipulating the items stored within the player's inventory.
To offer a variety of containers which can be accessed by equipping them. Most do not have a visual model as they are intended to represent additional categories within the player inventory rather than offer visual explanation of where everything is carried. "Hands-free" automation is available in some situations.

MO/NMM is recommended
Manual install is possible

MO/NMM is recommended
Manual uninstall is possible

Files and Folders:
Data > InventoryManagementSystem.esp
Data > InventoryManagementSystem.bsa
Data > Docs > Isharas_InventoryManagement_Info.txt
Data > Docs > Isharas_InventoryManagement_MCM_Descriptor.txt


-- Automatic inclusion of items associated with the following (provided they are installed):
  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfires
  • Dragonborn
  • Falskaar
  • ARS Metallica
  • Immersive Armors
  • UNP Clothing Merchants
  • Moonpath to Elswyer
-- Manual reloading crossbow mods are incompatible, thus the option was included.
-- Auto Unequip Ammo (AUA) is made obsolete as far as the player is concerned. Followers are not affected by this mod. AUA, therefore, is still recommended to use with your followers. AUA should not interfere. AUA unequips the ammo, this mod removes it to the ammo quiver.
-- Other mods that transfer crafting items from other containers.  Depending upon how those mods are scripted, their items may go into this mod's containers or vice versa upon exiting the crafting station.

Things to note:
Quest items can be auto-stored. In order to safeguard completion of quests, all container contents will be auto-transferred to the player inventory when entering dialogue. This also allows contents to be available for barter menus and gift menus provided these menus were accessed via dialogue.

Translation into your language is allowed. I would prefer to host the modified files here. To that end, if you create a translation, please share it with me and I'll upload it as an optional file. This mod was started before learning how to use SKSE's localization. Therefore a full translation will require some edits within the ESP. All MCM related strings are prepared for translation but various notification statements on other scripts are not.

Tools Used:
Creation Kit
Sublime Text


Please do not upload anywhere else. You may link to, but not upload. 
You may adapt this for your own personal game as you see fit. Any changes for public release need to have my permission.
90 day and 2 week clause:
  • If you have asked for permission and I have not replied within two weeks and my last Nexus forum access was greater than ninety days, permission is granted. Even if my last forum access was greater than ninety days, you must still seek permission and wait the two weeks. Thank you.