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Redguard male follower:
- Textures and meshes are independent
- Not Lore-Friendly

Permissions and credits
I'm not a native English speaker. The following sentences was written by machine translation.

I'm afraid I don't take any requests now because this mod update is almost over.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Please refer to "FAQ" (see below) if you need some help.
It covers the answer for frequently asked question.

HDT Physics Extensions and SKSE

Redguard male follower:
- Textures and meshes are independent
- Not Lore-Friendly

[Known Issue]
He may become transparent.
- This phenomenon is caused by HDT hair. If he becomes transparent, please make him equip helmet or hood that hide the hair once.

- Not allowed uploading this mod to other website.
- Not allowed making false claims with spoofing an author of this mod.
- Not allowed creating any mods based on his face data (including preset file).
- Not allowed using this mod as resources warehouse.

Name: Flavir
Race: Redguard
Level: 10-99, Autoleveled
CombatStyle: csHumanMeleeLvl5
MainSkills: 2H BattleAxe, Archery, Block, Heavy Armor
Perks: TowerOfStrength, PowerBash, ChampionsStance, GreatCriticalCharge, Limbsplitter
Voicetype: MaleYoungEager
Protected: yes (not essential)
Marriageable : yes
Location: Dead man's Drink Inn (Falkreath) *1
Notes: He is a fledgling warrior. He visited Skyrim for knight-errantry.
He equipped unique weapon (Flavir's Halbard: "3 points of extra damage to Humans"). *2. 

*1 He will go out during 8:00 to 12:00.
*2 I used Heavy Armory - New Weapons as resource. Many thanks!

Q. He hasn't dialogue for talking. / He can't be made follower.
A. Please save the game and reload it.

Q. Marriage or engage with him is not working well.
A. This trouble is quite common. The reason why is that the marriage system of vanilla has many bugs. Please google it for details.
    (This mod never editing records and scripts about the marriage system so I'm sure that the cause does not lies in this mod.)

    A common way to solve:
   - You can prevent that by installing "Unofficial Patches" or "Marriage Mod - To Have And To Hold".
     As stated previously, I highly recommend installing it in advance if you planned marriage with him.
   - Please save game before marriage or engage, and when problem occurred, redo from there.

Q. He doesn't wear gear I gave...
A. Probably, He will not equip gears that has lower defense than his starting gear. This is by design of vanilla.
    Some follower management mod (e.g. AFT) has the function that remove starting gear from follower.
    Let's check it out on the Internet.

Q. I want to change his body type (or underwear).
A. Since I have no plan to add variation, please try yourself.
    It is necessary to replace the files manually.
      His meshes of body: meshes \ actors \ character \ Flavir \
      His textures of body: textures \ actors \ character \ Flavir \
    Please search for instructions.

Q. Do you have a plan for release his preset?
A. No.

Q. Is this mod compatible with SSE?
A. No.


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I appreciate these wonderful works!


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