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Brings the best artifact from morrowind to skyrim, high quality textures up to 4k, lore friendly but realistic look, lore friendly scripted enchantment and GOLD.

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----Chrysamere, The Paladin's Blade----
"The Paladin's Blade is an ancient claymore with offensive capabilities surpassed only by its own defenses. It lends the wielder health, protects him or her from fire, and reflects any spells cast against the wielder back to the caster. Seldom has Chrysamere been wielded by any bladesman for any length of time, for it chooses not to favor one champion"
by FrankFamily

Straight from morrowind comes the most amazing artifact ever created, Chrysamere, The Paladin's Blade.


  • Made completly from scratch, following morrowind and daggerfall concepts but keeping it as realistic as posible.
  • 4k  HD textures (2k and 1k also available).
  • High quality model and properly baked normal maps from a sculpted highpoly model crafted with a lot of love.
  • Custom fitting scabbard.
  • Temperable with silver ingots (according to the lore it's made of adamantium but as there's no way of properly adding new materials, with it's crafting categories, to skyrim; and adamantium has a lot in common with silver, i've decided to go that way and make it silver. Note that it has the "silver enchantment" too, so it will do extra damage to undead foes.
  • Not overpowered, but powerfull (slightly higher than daedric).
  • Placed in a place that makes sense according to the lore: "In 3E 405, the Agent of the Empire obtained Chrysamere, but the circumstances are unknown. In 3E 427 the Imperial Legion tasked the Nerevarine with recovering Chrysamere from some thieves. The sword was in the possession of a powerful sorceress near Sadrith Mora. The Nerevarine dealt with the thieves and returned the artifacts to their former owners."
  • Lore-friendly enchantment:
            > Constantly heals the wielder by 10 points every 3 seconds as long as chrysamere is equipped.
            > Provides 20% fire resistence.
            > Reflects incomming hostile spells back at the caster at the cost of some charge while blocking (note that none of
               the other effects 
uses charge and neither does attacking as it doesn't have any effect on the foe being hit.)
               The amount of charge used when reflecting a spell as well as the probability of doing it depend on your restoration
               skill (making it depend on the magicka cost of the spell being reflected would require SKSE and i prefer to it without SKSE.):
                -Charge Cost = 20 - (Restoration Skill / 7.5) capped at a minimum of 1 (you would need like 150 skill to get to it)
                        Restoration 100: 6.7
                        Restoration 50: 13.3
                        Restoration 25: 16.7
                      (Note that the sword has 3000 charge, so it has enough for a lot of uses)
                -Probability of reflecting a spell = 40 + 40 * (Restoration Skill / 100)
                         Restoration 100: 80%
                         Restoration 50: 60%
                         Restoration 25: 50%


video by yuer33
Choose the file you want: 4k, 2k or 1k and install it.

I recommed using NMM, but you can do it manually, simply download the version of your choice and drop in "Data" folder the two files inside the compressed archive:


The two must remain together and should not be renamed.

To uninstall if you choosed to install it manually, delete those files.


Compatible with anything as long as the don't try to add something on the same spot, please report any incompatibility of this kind, maybe i can find a better place to put it.
Compatibility patches for overhauls and such would have to be made by those who use them.


I really appreciate positive or negative-constructive comments, user screenshots and videos, thanks in advance and hope you like it.
Stay tunned for more mods comming in the future.