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A Bandit chronicle enhancing the bandit faction by adding to it a major quest line side quests and costumes weapons armors new foes heroes and books as lore ...

Permissions and credits
No fire weapons version (many different features) , you can still get the fire weapons version here
please note that you need both FILE 1 + FILE 2
to run the mod .
Read the documents you find carefully to know what to do next (the clues are in there . there's no map markers) .


                                   BANDITS GLORY                                           
                                                                                                        BY TERSO

                                                             and this adventure will take you everywhere.

                                                                     you'll have to escape some times
feeling weak and in need of help
                                                                      to plan better your next attack

many bandit places are not a joke any more

                                                                                           explore the quest line
                                                                   or play the game as you normally do
                                                             while enjoying a lot of new features the same

                                                                  (the bandits of the story are very hard the others should scale with
                                                                      the player but a bit higher so they are enough challenging too)

       the mod in short:

The aim of this mod is to make the bandit faction more alive , more enjoyable and driven by introducing a quest line to the faction which consists of a main story with a number of quests and side quests , and by introducing new unique characters such as bandit heroes and new bandit enemies along with new weapons armors and books as lore ...
The main story will tell you about ambition , prosperity , love, hate and jealousy with new unique characters surrounded by plenty of new bandit foes . You will feel this was part of the original game with how seamlessly it fits into the world
of Skyrim .

Will you be able to uncover the new bandit bosses secrets ? Who are the new bosses ? Where are they ? Will you be able to
uncover their locations ? Will you survive the fight against those bandit heroes ? Will you be able to kill them and get their treasures while stopping their ambitious plans ? Will you uncover the stories of their families ? Their ambition and jealousy ! Their love and hatred ! Will you be able to uncover how all these aspects are related to them? .
Because if you try, beware, as they will not stand idly by and depending on how much you are trying their actions toward you will be different . They will stalk you , they will try to stop you and they will keep trying harder . They will send their men to hunt you down to put a stop to your meddling .

      so others of them came after me too ... 

Play it your way by either trying to uncover all the secrets and play through the story ... or follow the game normally while still enjoying many of the features added by this mod . This is a light script-free mod so you can have it all in a very
enjoyable play through .

      important notes :
if you don't use any of the LAL variants , follow the road going from Dragon Bridge to the Robbers Gorge/Rorickstead , look to your right before reaching The Robbers Gorge , there's a camp across the river ... (avoid robbers gorge , its the only non leveled place that you normally pass through on your way , its mentioned in the LAL starts to avoid it in the letter from your brother) .
please note that you'll understand what to do by reading the documents you find , the clues are clear . do not loose the documents you find , many of them will be of use later in the story , and keep the items marked quest items in inventory (they are only a few) .
and that you'll not be able to loot some things , you'll need to follow the story to know why ; i lowered the loot and limited it for some good reasons , you should know that the stages of the story are HARD , and that the mod will add some difficulties to the game , the common added bandits are near your level , but the ones of the story are not , so maybe you'll need to get some followers or find good tactics , ... to discover the weaknesses of your enemies , to take advantage of the secrets of the bandits new kitchen ... , or wait until you level up . i provided you with many means to help you , its up to you to discover them or to use the ones you find .
i like the feeling for the need for some help some times , that some times you come across foes that are more powerful then you are , that i need help , in need some friends to be with me  (followers to help me for example) , so don't go after the heroes alone , and always get some help to storm a base or a boss location , they always have some company ,
sometimes their company is leveled , sometimes its not ...
the new bandit weapons , ammo , armors , foods , and ingredients cannot be crafted or tempered if that's the case without obtaining the needed info from the new bandits of the mod (it's not the same for some of the unique ones that can be obtained from the boss fights) .
most of the new bandits will use new types of weapons and ammo , and also wear costumes different from the vanilla ones , i think that i can say that all is lore friendly .


       The aim of these optional esps. is to allow you to start Skyrim in a special way by adding a background story to your character (fit for either male or female) and connecting you directly into the main Skyrim event and the main story of this mod . (do not install more then one extension in the same time and activate them they will not work , use only one) .

        first alternative : (Camping in the woods) Link
(camping in the woods)

      The optional file section contains an LAL variant so it’s a tweak ."Alternate Start - Live Another Life" by Arthmoor is required for this to work .
At the game start a pop up message in first person view will tell you that you should check for your brother’s camp location by reading his letter located in your knapsack . Here you'll find your personal notes and some souvenirs from your little adventures around your camp . They consist of 2 special weapons , a set of armor , a new ring , your hunting goods and a small amount of money (nothing overpowered while getting some tweaked items) .

        Second alternative :

The optional file section also contains a second LAL variant , its also a tweaked " alternate start live another life" (arthmoor mod ) option .
You are a pirate here ... you were living with your pirates friends ... , you received a letter from your brother ... your second brother was killed by a bandit boss , he is planning to avenge him ... he hopes that you can come to help him in his attempt .
you decide to rush to his aid , with the fear that you are about to loose your second brother too , ... you was shipwrecked off the coast returning by ship to Skyrim (at the Mara statue , choose the option : i was shipwrecked off the coast
while trying to join my brother) . At the beginning , you will note a message saying : " That bastard Rom stole my key ! , i will kill him " , ...  your chest key was stolen by a passenger named Rom , so you'll have to search for him to get your key back to recover your gear from your chest .
you will find a book to summon your dog Frosty (permanent until killed) in your chest (you need the amulet to summon him its also in the same chest) . your chest also contains your brothers letter , your personal notes , a little amount of money , and your personal set of armor and your pirate sword .
your armor is a set of special pirates armor (chest , gloves , hat , boots , feathered hat , eye patch , earrings , and cape) , the set has the armor values of a leather set but it has a special crafting system , it can be tempered , but also upgradable in tiers , you begin at tier one , then once you acquire the "glass perk" , you can upgrade it to the
second tier ... , and to tier three once you have the "Dragon perk" where it becomes a bit better then a dragonscale set , this way it will be useful to you even at end game .
note : this variant cannot be used without Bandits Glory Hearts and Sword , you cannot summon your dog on the ship
          or on the nearby glacier .

(you'll have to fight for everything)

17   new food items and their recipes (very useful to help you against your foes)
1     new drug
35   new types of ammo (bolts and arrows , 12 types of explosive arrows ...)
2     necklaces
45   armor pieces (all can be tempered if you have the prerequisites)
3     rings
3     companions that can be summoned (permanent until killed)
74   bandit documents
5     skill tomes that can be crafted
1     new place
8     new ingredients (that can be crafted , with useful effects)
1     bandit merchant (selling new weapons secrets and other stuff and also info for side quests)
1     horse
136 Bandit foes (some inserted with the leveled list , most of them by custom manually placed spawn  
       points , only in places where bandits could be)
15   Bandit heroes (very tough enemies)
1     companion with surprises (very hard to get)
33   different bandit costumes (varying depending on the regions climates)
3     companion boosts
1     new staff
81   weapons (many of them are unique and can be obtained only by defeating the heroes)
       some of the unique ones can only be acquired by buying them from the bandit merchant .
10   main quests (main story)
16   side quests (some are bandit treasure hunts from the bandit merchant)                  

installation :

you need to download the main base file and the esp , you need both
to play the mod , just unpack them in your data folder and activate
the esp .

if you want to use the LAL start op. , download the op. file too and place it after LAL main
use only one .

uninstallation :

just remove the added files .

requirements :

skyrim last version .
dawnguard .
dragonborn .

the LAL optional file requires the "Alternate start live another life" mod by Arthmoor .

note :

the mod doesn't contain any scripts .

compatibility :

the mod is completely compatible with mods like revenge of the enemies(enemy ai) , high level enemies , OBIS ... and any other mods that edits the bandits , there's no npc vanilla bandits edits all the enemies are custom and independent from the vanilla ones , just use wrye bash .

there's no incompatibilities that i know of yet .

credits :

many thanks for LURREN for helping with the language .
many thanks for Sharlikran for his assistance and for his Tess5edit .
many thanks for ghosu for some of his weapons and armors  .
many thanks for Arthmoor for the permission for the alternate start variant patch .
many thanks for HOTHTROOPER , for the permission for the armors .

and many thanks for the nexus guys for allowing us to have this great community .

                                                        just trying to repay the community