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Medium sized underground home comes in both Ayleid or Dwemer versions, located between Cradlecrush Rock and Darkshade. Features all of the usual amenities, crafting, storage, displays. Follower and adoption friendly.

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Underground Dwelling

Both Ayleid and Dwemer Versions!
Only have one active at a time

Inspired by Dwemer Aquarium by Blary A small Medium sized underground home, located between Cradlecrush Rock and Darkshade (see map in the image section) Features lots of storage and displays for unique items, mannequins, weapon plaques, racks and display cases.

Requires all DLC's
Hearthfire multiple adoptions required to move your family in (Cast the "Bless Home" spell)

Must be purchased for 15,000 Gold - Click the sign to the right side of the entrance.

Ayleid Version

Dwemer Version

Dining Area
Crafting Room
Display Room and library
Master Bedroom, Kids Room (6 beds), Guest Room (6 beds)
6 NPC's - Chef, Wizard, Barmaid, Housecarl and 2 Guards
Auto undressing for NPC's at pools

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