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Region generation can be a great way to paint Landscape textures and populate the exterior world with trees, bushes and more. This includes guides on settings and example regions from Hoddminir.

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Regions generation is a way to auto generate objects and landscape textures in a worldspace. Setting up your first region can be hard, there are a lot of settings and much of it will not make sense at first. My hope is that with these guides making your own regions will become easier.

Link to web versions of these guides:
Part I: Region generation of Texture
Part II: Region generation of Objects
Part III: Hoddminir Regions. Not a guide as such, shows the region settings and some screen shots of the regions.
A making a region from start to finish

PDF versions of the web guides.
I have included a spread sheet with some of Hoddminir regions created by Noir and me (Elinen). You can use these as they are or modifies them to your needs. One important think to keep in mind when you make a region is to consider what the terrain looks like. The region settings for a relatively flat terrain looks very different from the settings for a terrain with a lot of slope and height variation. It is therefore likely that you will need to make alterations to our settings to your worldspace.

Thanks to previous Region guides for earlier Bethesda games (link to these are included in the guide part II). 
Special thanks to both Noir and Morcroft for sharing their knowledge of Region setup and settings.
Dark Creations for hosting the Hoddminir project.
Bethesda for the original Skyrim game and Creation kit.