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A system of cloud storage chest placed in each of the 9 holds in front of the Jarl's palaces. With the ability to move the cloud storage chest spawn points to all 8 player homes and the college of winterhold archmage's quarters.

Permissions and credits

Ever wished you could drop a few item's off while running errands in Winterhold, and pick them up later when needed in Whiterun?  Sure that mammoth tusk is awfully nice but you really don't NEED it when you're miles from Ysolda, right?  Want a container you can summon anywhere to drop off items you don't need now?  How about 18 potential locations for 9 possible pickup points for said container?  Well look no further.

Bulwark's stash is a cloud storage network with a safe placed in each of the 9 holds.  You can place any object in any of the safes in any of the 9 locations and pick it up at any of the other locations!  You can also summon the stash to you for a 8 seconds anywhere in the world, including in DLC or Mod added worldspaces.

The idea was to mimic the stashes from classic RPG games, but also bring a bit of optional immersive flair.  How so?  Well there are several ways this chest can be configured in the McM.  Is it just a cloud storage chest?  Okay set it to Thane or Free and turn off the messages in McM.  Is it a Delivery system?  Okay leave it at default settings and it's free for thane's and 10 gold per delivery for everyone else.  Or you can set it to Thanes only, which means the chest will never spawn in a new location unless you are thane of that hold.

You can put as many items as you want in the stash. It never respawns, NPCs will never touch it and using this mechanic there is no limit to how much can be moved.

Skyrim: Up to Date(No DLCs required)

  • Fully configurable via McM
  • Does not require any DLCs despite having built in compatibility with Hearthfires
  • 18 possible locations for chest deliveries(or spawns if using cloud storage mode)  The stashes default in front of the Jarl's palace in a given hold, and can be separately moved to the playerhomes.  Only 9 locations can be active at any given time, playerhome swaps are permanent so save before entering the home to determine if you like that location, or if it is compatible with your mods for the given house.
  • Spell complete with spell tome to summon the spell.  Spell can be added to the player in McM, or be found in the world where spell tomes normally would.  Distribution for Spell tomes can also be turned off in McM

The Spell is expert conjuration and requires 75 magicka to cast no matter who you are or what perks you have.  The spell removes itself for the duration of the effect, fear not this is intentional and it will be added back as soon as the chest disappears.  The summon comes with a nifty little display I worked up.

McM Options:
  • Stash Locations: defaults to Thane or Pay for the service(10 Gold per delivery) but can be set to Thane or Free, or Thanes only.
  • Player Home Swap Mode:  This option is for those looking to bring a stash from the hold capital to the player home of that hold; to use enable in McM; then walk in desired playerhomes(Vlindrel Hall, Proudspire Manor, Breezehome, Hjerim, Honeyside, Archmage's Quarter's or the exterior of any of the 3 heartfires homes) and then the chest for ONLY that hold is permanently moved there.  So moving the Solitude chest to Proudspire for example would not effect the location of the stash in Morthal.
  • System Messages: Can be turned off or on.  Only effects messages that are not vital and could be turned off for the sake of immersion when you have delivery fees turned off
  • Summon Stash Spell: Add to/Remove from Player(Cheat Option)
  • Summon Stash Spell Tome: Remove from Distribution(Distributed in spell tomb lists)
Note:  player home swap mode should be turns itself off after each use, primarily to protect those who don't use Hearthfires(Morthal, Dawnstar and Falkreath have no player home option for users without Hearthfires and thus if their markers are activated by someone without hearthfires, said someone would have their stash spawning out in the wilderness).  Also note that my stash placements in player homes assume that you are using the vanilla home, fully decorated.  I cannot test all mods for compatibility so save before entering a modified home to see if my placement still looks okay, and if not reload to before you entered the home and turn off player home swap mode.

Installation and Compatibility:

Known to be fully compatible:
JK's Skyrim

Should be compatible with pretty much anything.  The reason that all 18 placement cannot be active is for this reason.  If you have a playerhome mod, leave it out by the Jarl's Palace, if you have a city overhaul, move it inside.  If both placements work, choose the one that suits you.

Can be installed at any point in the game, install indoors and wait for the Mod Configuration Menu to register before proceeding; DO NOT LOAD IN AN EXTERIOR CELL THE FIRST TIME.  Archive is compatible with Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer Installation.  To install manually; download and extract the data folder in the mods archive to your Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim folder and merge with your existing data folder.

Uninstall: Remove the Bulwarks Stash.esp from the data folder, along with anything prefixed by "Bulwark_CloudStorage" or "Bulwark_ThanesStash" from the data\scripts and the data\scripts\source folder. and delete from the data\interface folder.

Frequently Asked Questions:

GB, why is my chest stash not in X location?
Well there are a few things that factor into this.  If you've used the spell, the stash is removed from the hold location until you re-attach the cells.  In layman's terms this means, if you summon the stash in Solitude it is removed from it's usual spot until you leave and come back.  Could be that you've accidentally activated playerhome swap mode also.  Be mindful of that; as the swaps are permanent.  Rule of thumb, if the stash is NOT where it's supposed to be, travel to another hold and then travel back.

GB, X stash location conflicts with Y mod; will you make a patch for me?
It's possible, though the intention is that one location or the other will be compatible.  So if you have a mod that conflicts my exterior stash location in Windhelm, turn on player home swap mode and then walk in to Hjerim.  Now if you have a mod that conflicts with both locations I may consider making a patch though any mod author of any player home is welcome to do so and host it at their page.  See the mod author instructions below for details.

GB, I'm crashing with this mod enabled.  How can I fix it?
Well, this mod is very light.  All scripts have been optimized to the best of my abilities and followed up by those with greater skill than I.  All scripts are self terminating, no markers are game generated so their is no potential for save bloat.  What does this mean?  It means that you probably have too much going on; or that you are not acquainted with proper modding procedures.  I think I have a guide for that somewhere.  Skyrim Project Stability

But as a free piece of advice.  Make sure you are loading scripted mods after the Helgen intro sequence and also make sure the first time you load this mod you load to an INTERIOR cell.

GB, can you elaborate on how to use PLAYER HOME SWAP MODE?   
Sure.  This mode is not designed to generate additional chest locations, but rather replace the existing ones.  So for example: let's say we want our Solitude stash in Proudspire Manor; rather than in front of the Blue Palace.  First, make sure your home is decorated.  Next turn on Player Home Swap Mode in McM.  This enables the marker to PULL the chest and it's spawner into the interior of Proudspire in this case; but really it enables ALL such markers.  Now, enter Proudspire Manor, verify that the Stash is in place and turn player home swap mode OFF in McM.

Now the solitude stash location will ALWAYS be in Proudspire Manor.  You cannot revert this, so please save before entering Proudspire to see if you want it there.  Also be mindful that if you enter the 3 locations of hearthfire homes without hearthfires installed and with this option enabled, your chests will spawn in the wilderness forever in Morthal, Falkreath or Dawnstar. As of 1.1 the McM displays clearer instructions and the markers turn off playerhome swap mode for you.  It also now reports which spawners have been moved to where and why.

Mod Authors:
If there is a conflict between our mods; simply move the markers in the effected area to a more desirable location. The markers look exactly like the stashes(Vanilla Safes) in the creation kit, but are never seen in game.  Please note that exterior markers will not update on a save in progress, so a user will have to revert to before my mod was loaded for the changes to take effect.  Interior markers in Player homes should update fine.

  • First and Foremost.  A huge thanks to Deapri for helping me learn to script.  Without your insights and guidance this mod would not have been possible.  A huge thanks to you!
  • MyGoodEye for general guidance, input and the tricks I picked up from him while working on Warzones 2015 and in general.  Good Show and another huge thanks to ya!
  • Undivide for general scripting advice and input
  • TheInkBunny for making my nifty banner image and McM Splash Image.  Well done and another big thanks to you!
  • MotoSxorpio, Forzane, JadenDew, Darkedge, aaaaaazzzzzz9, Undivide, SGTHighwaters and a few others(remind me if I've forgotten you): for beta testing and feedback 

This file is provided as is to the community at large.  It is for your personal use only.  Do not redistribute this file, in whole or in part without my direct written consent.  I reserve the right to withdraw permissions I may give if/when asked at any time, for any reason.  That said, I will likely not grant any permissions for re-uploading or re-purposing my assets, you are however welcome to ask.

The Source Files are included and should be considered a reference point(or a way for other mod authors to judge me D: ) to any who may wish to use them.  That doesn't mean take my source, compile it and call it your own; but you are free to look at the functions and re-purpose to anything you desire without permission or credit given.  That said, don't be an ass; if you pick up on something from my code that you can use, give credit where credit is due ;)