Skyrim Karts by Trainwiz and Bethendo
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Added: 25/02/2015 - 03:13AM
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Last updated at 3:42, 25 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 3:13, 25 Feb 2015

Basically this was part proof of concept, part just-for-fun stadium/kart race I built for a video. People wanted it, so I cleaned it up slightly. 
There's no objective, no goals, and heck, it's kinda crap in the first place. You have seven other characters who will race their karts around the stadium in a circle. Try and beat them if you want, but there's no win or lose condition, like I said, this is strictly just-for-fun mod. 
You're of course, welcome to modify it as you see fit, and turn it into an actual cart-racing game, I can even walk you through the steps.

To begin the mod, load up a character and type "player.coc TW_RaceCell" without quotes. You'll be taken to the stadium, where the other kart racers will get into their vehicles. The starting line will wait a few seconds for you, so find your kart (the only one that isn't labelled as owned) and get into it. 
From there, simply race around and do what you wish. Going over the purple bubbles will give you a temporary speed bost. 

This requires the dwarvenautomobile mod by m150, go there and support him because crazy-awesome Japanese dwemer mods are the lifeblood of existence.