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A pleasant house located northwest of Meridia's Statue in the snowy region of Skyrim. Comes with a Dragon Priest Mask display, Insect Jar display, and Dragon Claw display. It has an outdoor smithy and 11 indoor planters. You can add a children's wing and hire a merchant/bard. This mod supports Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions.

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Image by Ondrea


Snowdrift Manor is a pleasant 2-3 story player home located in the snowy Northwest region of Skyrim near Meridia's Statue. The key can be found behind the left planter in the front of the house. The house comes with all the amenities needed by the player including an alchemy lab, enchanting table, kitchen (with optional oven), and an outdoor smithy and chopping block. There are also a total of 11-15 indoor planters. The player bedroom has an option to add a children's room to allow for adopting children. You will Need Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions in order for them to live here. A followers quarter's can be built in the basement where up to 3 followers can live after selecting a unique dialogue option. Snowdrift Manor also contains a number of places to show off collectables. There's a Dragon Priest Mask shrine, a shelf for Dragon Claws, and a shelf for Insect Jars. You can also hire a bard to play music in your home and a merchant to buy and sell with. Enjoy the house! This is my first non-mechanic mod so tell me what you think. :)

Note: In order to hire a bard or merchant, build a children's room, or add the oven, you must use the House Management book on the desk in the player bedroom.
Note: You will Need Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions in order for your spouse and or children to live here. Just use Bless Home and then you can tell them to move there.
Note: You will need to exit and re-enter the house after building the follower's quarters so that the wall will no longer be solid.

This house was created for the Build a House Contest at /r/SkyrimMods on Reddit.


❖ Hearthfire DLC
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions (If you plan on your spouse or children living here)


This mod changes Tamriel cell location (-25, 25) and (-25, 24).
The dialogue for Hearthfire bards is also slightly adjusted so that the option for dismissing your bard is not visible for the bard in Snowdrift Manor. If you have a mod that changes this dialogue, just put this mod higher in the load order as dismissing your Snowdrift manor bard has no effect at all.

Change Log

Version 1.2.1 (3/9/2015)
    ❖ Fixed a minor landscape visual problem outside where the land changed texture instantly.
    ❖ Added a tip to the warning for building the follower's quarters to exit and re-enter the house.
    ❖ Added a Removed Plaques version for people with the invisible wall problem for the follower's quarters.

Version 1.2 (3/7/2015)
    ❖ Added a follower's quarters for the cost of 3000 gold.
    ❖ You can now tell followers to live in their quarters using a unique dialogue option. They must be following you to see it.
    ❖ Rearanged the entrance hall a bit to make room for the staircase. Also added more places to sit.
    ❖ The merchant now has more stock and more gold.
    ❖ Updated the Snowdrift Manor guide.
    ❖ Changed the house manager to now have Hiring and Construction subcategories.

Version 1.1 (2/25/2015)
    ❖ Added a hireable merchant.
    ❖ Added a tanning rack to the smithy. (How did I forget that?)
    ❖ The House Manager will now check to make sure you have enough gold to buy something.


    ❖ Ingredients in a Jar Resource
    ❖ Alchemy Clutter Resource
    ❖ OpenBooks Resource
    ❖ FoodContainer Resource


Traduzione Italiana by Ciccigomma

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