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A model replacer for the Visage of Mzund, giving it a more appropriate appearance to match its stats.

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So you've trekked through miles of dwemer hall, fought your way pass their soul-powered automatons (they're not soul powered you're just dumb and think that), and finally, finally received your reward. The amazing and beautiful helm, the Visage of Mzuoh wait this thing just has the vanilla model because Bethesda was too busy to even so much as give it a different color and are leaving it to Trainwiz to fix. 
Well you know what, that's just fine. 

As the name suggests, this here masterpiece will replace the Visage of Mzund's model with something more appropriate and centurion oriented given that it has stats above that of an artifact. 
As you might imagine, this mod that changes something added by Dragonborn actually requires Dragonborn. Astounding. 
So don't complain about how you're missing Dragonborn or I will find you and there will be Words between us. Painful Words. 
Will conflict with anything that changes the Visage of Mzund, because HELLO OF COURSE IT MODIFIES THAT HELMET.
Texture replacers that replace steam centurion textures will affect it.