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Introduces pauses in the otherwise hectic pace of the main quest and alters a few other plot points along the way. The actual time delays and whether the Season Unending negotiations are skipped can be configured with MCM or the console. In the order they areĀ  encountered:

  • Breezehome is available for purchase immediately after giving Farengar the tablet from Bleak Falls Barrow and Ireleth does immediately not appear to introduce the first dragon sighting.
  • One week after giving Farengar the tablet the journal entry "I wonder if Farengar has made any progress on his Dragon research." will appear. Ireleth's scene about the first dragon sighting will start the next time the player visits Farengar.
  • The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller can be successfully retrieved and returned to the Greybeards without interference from Delphine.
  • Two weeks after returning the Horn to the Greybeards and being formally recognized as dragonborn a courier will deliver a message from Delphine. "Dragonborn -- I need to speak to you. Urgently. -- Delphine of the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood"
  • Some of the "cloak and dagger" dialogue is stripped from the Delphine introduction, but she still will want to see the Dragonborn in action for herself.
  • The silly link to the civil war quest (which triggers when you don't have an interest in the civil war as a way to force you into it) can now be disabled. Balgruuf will still think it's crazy to trap a dragon, but since the entire process takes only a few minutes and presents no real opportunity for either side in the civil war to stage an attack this pointless and tedious activity can be disabled.
  • Jarl Balgruuf can now reward you with potions instead of armor just before the first dragon battle. Requiem users will get the Requiem potions and by default mage characters (who have a higher Alteration skill than either of the armor skills) will also get potions. There's a new MCM entry for changing the default reward if you aren't using Requiem but would either prefer to always get potions or never get potions.

These changes were chosen because it required the least amount of dialogue and quest editing.

Quests MQ103, MQ104, MQ105, and MQ106 and their scripts are edited by this mod. Changes from the Unofficial Skyrim Patch have been included, but other mods changing those quests will probably conflict.

See the ReadMe for notes about specific mod conflicts and how to configure the options via the console if you don't use SkyUI.