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One of the things that makes Skyrim more immersive is the day and night exploration music, it fits perfectly to its entire landscape and makes it very atmospheric. Unfortunately to people (like me) who have spent more 800+ hours to it the music seems rather repetitive no matter how good it it.
So this tiny little esp tries to make your life during exploration a bit more atmospheric by adding my favorite tracks from another mod .. FALSKAAR .. to Skyrim's outdoors.

Falskaar is absolutely necessary in order this mod to work since the songs are comming from that mod and not from mine, i just added the shortcuts :) and also Falskaar's mod author is not responsible for this mods upkeep and fixes.

Falskaar is a mod made by Alexander J Velicky who has also uploaded the OST of his baby Here
The songs that i chose to add are  ==>
1) Invigoration
2) Kynareth's Hymn
3) Lights Out
4) Devine Will
5) Mead and Merriment

And they are composed by Adamm Khuevrr (as the rest of the OST)

I didn't mess with the randomness nor the track numbers of Skyrim's music, i simply added the songs above in Skyrim's Music playlist .. basically dont expect to listen them immediately when you load a save but trust me, they are there. You will hear them randomly outdoors no matter where you are depending how long you spend outside (coasts, mountains, forests etc )