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Tired of followers always following. Now they can walk beside you.

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  • Polish

by IsharaMeradin

Tired of followers always following. Now they can walk beside you.

  • Hot key toggle to switch follower's position from beside to behind.
  • Automatic switch from close behind or beside to further distance when weapon/magic are drawn and/or stealth is entered.
  • Automatic switch to close behind or beside from further distance when weapon/magic are no longer drawn and stealth has been exited.
  • When idle the follower will use furniture and idle markers that are nearby.

SKSE Beta 1.7.2

NMM, MO, Manual

Files and Folders:
  • Data > FollowerAsCompanion.esp
  • Data > FollowerAsCompanion.bsa
  • Data > Docs > FollowerAsCompanion Info.txt

If you have a follower already:
  1. Install mod
  2. Start game & load save
  3. Set up options in the MCM
  4. Use the sleep menu or go through a load door
  5. Press the user designated hot key to toggle follower position
  6. Follower should start using the new AI packages properly

If you need to remove the mod:
  1. Use MCM option to prep for uninstall
  2. Save game & exit
  3. Remove mod
  4. Continue playing

  • Not compatible with any mod that modifies the stock DialogueFollower quest.
  • Followers using a different control system will not utilize this mod.

Known Issues:
  • The follower does not always recognize when the player sheathes their weapon/magic or exits stealth. This is a minor thing. Simply wait for the AI package stack to evaluate on its own or use the provided hot key to force evaluation.  Each follower behaves differently in this regard but it is consistent for the given follower.
  • Sometimes the follower will become fixated on a specific direction and continue to face that direction despite the player turning. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this. When it happens simply draw/sheathe weapon, stop and toggle the idle/sandbox key, toggle the follow position, or otherwise do something that triggers the AI package stack to be changed.  The force evaluation hot key is not sufficient and should not be used in this situation.

This is a demonstration and resource mod.  Use it as you need to, please give credit.