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This is my second released mod! Alana is a fully standalone spell sword follower. She comes equipped with custom armor, custom weapon.

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This is my second project, based off my first follower I've made. It started as a personal project but I felt that with the time spent, that it should be uploaded so that hopefully others could enjoy it as well. Maybe someday I can do more intricate mods.

This follower comes with custom armor and a custom weapon. The armor has been modified a bit to add some uniqueness to it. The armor has a one-of-a-kind design added by me.
Follower info

Name: Alana  
Race: Nord  
Voice: FemaleEvenToned(vanilla)
Weapon: Nico's Raven sword
Armor: Customized Eternal Warden set
Body types: UNP, DG, or CBBE

Alana is located in the main hall of Dragonsreach.
She's marriageable and should be compatible with any follower overhaul.
She's a spell sword, using a sword in the right hand, and a destruction spell in the left.
She's unique and essential

Great video done by FantastikLulu. Alana is at 6:54.
Versions and fixes 

1.0 Initial release

1.1 Level patch
Alana should now properly scale with the player at .90 to a max level of 100

1.2 patch
Fixed CharGen issue and broken texture paths

Without these awesome modders, this mod wouldn't be possible!
Nicoroshi for the fantastic Raven swords mod:
asianboy345 for the very well done Tera armors:
HHaleyy for the beautiful Fair skin complexion:
HHaleyy for the base preset for Alana:
LogRaam for the well-detailed eyes:
Tktk1 For the awesome ECE facegen:
zzjay for the awesome hairs added to Skyrim:
Caliente for the curvaceous CBBE body: 
Petrovich for the excellent Dream Girl body:
Dimon99 for the great base UNP body:
Magistrate2020 for the Hi-res Deadric warpaints:

Honorable mentioning
Thank you Choco2114 for the awesome tutorial on making a standalone follower, I don't think I could have made this without your guide.
Tutorial found here:

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