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Added: 15/01/2012 - 03:04PM
Updated: 19/01/2012 - 07:07PM

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Last updated at 19:07, 19 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 15:04, 15 Jan 2012

This mod updated nomore. Thanks for your endorse everybody !

* To install new version, you might delete old version in your computer !! Animation, Skeleton files, and Meshes and Textures for scabbard :)
*Please someone help me to fix sword's FX problem ;o

*Guys! I truely thanks for your endorsement and positiveness :D Love you all !


Personally I like weapons on back, like a Two-handed weapons. so I modified skeleton.nif file and some weapons be holding different with this mod now.

but surely, If you using some another mod which is modifiying skeleton.nif file, you may can not install my Mod with it.

The Main file is modifiyng positions of Dagger, Axe, Quiver as you see the picture :)
Also I release 'only Quiver'. It may apply for only Quiver.

And there is another option- the sword. I just modified the sword on back too, but it has a little problem - a Sword draw sound has disappeared! WTH !!
I have no idea how could I fix it.. if you know anything to fix, please notice me :) I'm waiting for it. really...

To installation...
Just copy and paste files into 'data\meshes\actors\character\character assets' and 'character assets female'
you might have install .hkx files into '...\actors\character\animations'
I've got a animations of weapons draw from Two-handed weapon. so it could be unrefined :) but not so bad I suppose..

============================== 19. Jan. 2012
I've just fixed weapon's distance problem.
weapons and quiver now closer than before :)
(especially for female !)

If you wanna get the Armors in the Picture(the black one), There are links !

The Dark Follower Armor (Standalone)
Same Desing, Non enchanted and Craftable Light Armor :)

The Dark Brotherhood TS Edition (Replace Shrouded armors)