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A wisp companion named Varla to follow you on your adventures

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Feel free to upload any images or videos, as you can see I'm not very "picturesque."
If you find any issues let me know and I'll try to fix them, or if anyone has any suggestions to improve this follower just leave a comment.


Her name is Varla, which means "Star" in Ayleidoon.
She can be found outside of Riverwood, across the bridge to the left as you are leaving Riverwood.
She is a basic follower meant for company and to carry your burdens, has the basic Wisp attack.


Should be compatible with just about anything.
I did however notice that with my existing saves or new games containing Amazing Follower Tweaks, a message in the top left
hand corner comes every time you talk to Varla, saying "Varla is now following you." Other than that, AFT does not manage this companion
but that can simply be changed by using the spell "Make Follower Tweak Spell" Though, managing this companion with AFT is pretty pointless.

Installation & Requirements

Just simply download the file manually and drag the files into your Skyrim/Data Directory

Or use with NMM or MO, hopefully I set up the file structure correctly. Pretty sure I did. :)

This mod's only requirement is to have Skyrim and be up to date to the latest patch/update.

Credits & Thanks

Bethesda of course for Skyrim and their awesome work on other games :)

Darkfox127 for his Creation Kit Tutorials, specifically "Creation Kit Advanced Animal Followers Tutorial" and his scripts in the video