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Adds guards and towers to guard the hold's boundary. !!!WIP!!!

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Thanks for all who have downloaded! I'm glad those of you who have downloaded it enjoy it,
I had fun making it but I have not touched the CK in a very long time. Maybe in the future I may take a crack at it again
I would have to re-learn everything, so in the meantime anyone who wants to do anything with the mod has my permission to do so.
Just Be sure to message me a link to any re-upload and put my name on it somewhere.
~Thanks! Matt

If you are like me you may have noticed that even though there is a large civil war going on
the jarls of Skyrim are content on having unguarded borders.
This mod adds towers and guards to the major roads at the edge of a holds boundary.

Sorry it has taken this long to put an update out. Between work and Fallout 4 I have been busy.

Big thanks to user AndrealphusVIII for doing the NavMesh for this mod.

All of the map now has all the posts in position. And guards return to their posts

This mod is now compatible with Dragon's Bridge South as part of the expanded cities and towns mod

I recommend the "Hold Guards Keep Armor" mod